I Took a Hiatus on Hating on the U.S. – How to Balance the Personal and Political?

For most of my life, up until very recently I, like all “decent” Americans, generally avoided involving myself in politics in any significant way.  Why?  Not because I didn’t care, but rather, because involvement in politics is generally seen by many Americans as pointless/futile and/or soul-corrupting.  I am not religious, but I have enough of a semblance of morality to have experienced this dark welling of hate and fury  when faced with the sordid banquet of American political life past and present.  It is so easy to drum up hate in oneself against others who are so immersed in fear that they are lashing out at anyone or thing that seems to threaten their identities or lifestyle.

For years, I kept up on the issues, but only selectively participated in large marches or demonstrations, or the signing of petitions.  I had a cynical and passive view of political life and action.  This was all before internet, started to open up the conversation and participation in politics.  I am not saying that the internet is a panacea, but it does challenge the media mogul monopolization of information.  And if anything I am a glutton for the closest version of truth that I can get.

As I saw the national political conversation expand beyond mind-numbing soundbites, I became intrigued as to the political possibilities of activism.  One thing that has always bothered me is this artificial divide between the personal and political in American life.  It was as if only the “experts” in political science, economics and law were qualified to weigh in on political matters.  Never mind that the linguistic root of politics is the latin polis – which means people, PEOPLE!  And while things were “good” in America, regular Americans were glad to shirk off their democratic responsibility to the experts.

But these days, we as Americans, don’t really have the luxury to “sit out” politics and still expect to – have clean water and air to breathe; have non-toxic food on our tables; have jobs; have a future free of life-sucking debt both personally and nationally; have affordable health care; have a planet; have our taxes go toward domestic economic stability rather than international military chaos.  And those who would wish that the American public remain in our political paralysis of apathy, ignorance and cynicism – are the very people who are the LEAST likely to govern well.


We Americans, have let too many foxes sneak into the hen house, a.k.a.  too many scoundrels into congress.  And now that we have access to all the information we want to really see CLEARLY the type of craven characters these mostly men are … we really don’t have an excuse not to be pissed and demand better.   But the system, the system hangs us up every time, or most times.  So systems need to be changed, but they won’t be fixed or replaced – in this sinister status quo.

No one said this life was easy.  And the whole “fair” thing is a fairytale that was handed to us as toddlers to convince us to share our toys.  But those who control our government aren’t interested in fairness or sharing power.  And it is up to us, those who believe in an “ideal” of fairness and justice to wrangle back the power.

And this is where I come back to my earlier reticence in becoming politically active.  I have always been most attracted to non-violent movements, and have been fascinated by their success even when facing  military dominant aggression of the state.  And I believe ultimately, whatever revolutions will come in the future, for them to be truly successful, they NEED to transcend the brutal tools of violence.  We cannot work together in harmony, mend fences, exercise restraint, attempt forgiveness when we are all armed with metallic weapons rather than weapons of wisdom, practical action, and compassion.

A little over a month ago, I started questioning my written voice – as I have expressed it in this blog. Early on, I wanted to forcefully express my discontent, backing it up with media references to support my frustration, and also offer solutions, via petitions addressing the issues of each blog entry.  And while at times, perhaps my angry voice may have been amusing or cathartic for some – I started to wonder – Do I really want to continue to buy into the idea that my fellow Americans who take different political positions than I do are my enemies?

How politically expedient is that?

Don’t get me wrong – I still believe that one can be passionate about politics.  But is there a way that we as Americans start looking for common ground?  Seriously, the politicians would LOVE us to continue to scrabble around about divisive and personal issues such as gay marriage and abortion, rather than focusing upon our shared desire to be gainfully employed, well educated and well housed, among many other domestic issues.

But if I allow myself to BUY into the idea that Americans that are whipped up into a fear frenzy by insincere politicians are my enemies – how are we as a Nation ever going to move beyond this political impasse and start showing our government who is the REAL boss?  We the PEOPLE are … but only united with common purpose.  The politicians have been using the oldest trick in the book of “Divide and Conquer,” because divided we are less powerful than the corporations that bankroll their elections.

So … I have been taking a break … just considering … what sort of passionate dialogue do I engage in that allows me to connect rather than disconnect with fellow Americans. We are in this together, and being divided against each other is a luxury of animosity we can no longer afford.


WayWard Water – California Style

If you think the benefits of Fracking in particular, and Domestic Oil Drilling, in general – lowered gas prices, and maybe in the distant future less reliance on oil from the Middle East – outweigh the risks – consider what you put in your mouth these days.  Don’t worry, I am only talking about Food and Bottled Water ….

Blowjobs won't be directly affected.

Back on Track  to a Tangled Tale

California is in the midst of the third worst drought in recorded history.  Check out the California Drought Monitor (http://www.cadrought.com/drought-monitor/) and you will see that 50 per cent of the state is in “Exceptional Drought Condition” meaning, exceptionally BAD!


And California supplies close to fifty per cent of the nation’s vegetables, fruits and nuts, as well as being the home for numerous water bottling plants.

So what, YOU say?  You haven’t heard about any reductions in the food supply, due to the drought.

And you are right – California farmers are still cranking out the produce, in spite of their dry water resevoirs.  How? Because they are relying on alternate water sources.They are now pumping ground water to irrigate their fields.  (For More Deets on the Drought’s impact on CA ag – http://news.ucdavis.edu/search/news_detail.lasso?id=10978)


The Californian State Government has been working hand in hand with the Oil Industries to poison the state water supply unbeknownst to the public.  And as of April 20th, this once “illegal” dumping of toxic waste into 2500 wells has been codified into California law as an acceptable practice until February 2017, because, according to DOGGR (Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources) it is too “inconvenient” for the oil companies to discontinue their illegal practices.  So why not make them temporarily legal, until it is more “convenient” for them?  Never mind the fact that it might just be “inconvenient” at best and lethal at worst for Californians to drink water poisoned with toxic waste.


People  – Can I hear our beloved Corporate Mantra – PRIVATIZE PROFIT and SOCIALIZE COST?  

A lawsuit by Earth Justice – Alameda County, CA, on behalf of Sierra Club and Center of Biological Diversity is being waged against the California State Government to overturn the emergency ruling allowing the poisoning of the California water supply!  ( For more details refer to (http://www.smartenergyuniverse.com/category-blog/oil-and-gas/item/19483-lawsuit-seeks-to-halt-illegal-dumping-of-toxic-oil-waste-into-california-s-water-supplies )

Here is a Youtube Video related to the kind of Workshops the Industry had to seek exemptions to EPA’s safewater regulation, and a Fracktivist intervention.

Governor Jerry Brown the Environmentalist – cough, cough

Nice little hypocrisy here – on April 2,  2 weeks prior to the California State Government granting this little favor to the Oil Industry, Jerry Brown, called upon California residents to reduce their water usage by  25 per cent.


I suppose, if Californians, just stopped DRINKING the water, then at least 25 per cent of our use would be reduced. See  http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/01/us/california-water-restrictions-drought/

Well that would be GREAT news for Nestle and Coca Cola which are the leading bottled water producers in California are allowed to plunder Californian groundwater supply for THEIR profit and our LOSS. But wait, how can it be legal for two corporations to sell  water out from under Californians, while the state is in a drought?  (Read Mother Jones’ article on how the majority of bottled water comes from Drought stricken areas in the U.S. – http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/08/bottled-water-california-drought   It is a heart-warming tale of why CAPITALISM is GREAT for EVERYBODY!!!!!)  Could there be a connection to states having droughts, and them being major bottle water producers? Not a weather connection, but certainly an ANTI-SUSTAINABILITY and STUPIDITY connection, for profit OF COURSE!


Check out What Nestle’s SWISS CEO says about the Water/Human Rights connection starting at 2:07.

He states that – Basically considering water as a human right is an “extreme”  position.  According to him water should always have a market value.  He admits earlier, that water is THE most valuable resource in the world. So obviously it follows that he would prefer the “less extreme” position of it having a market value.  Does it bother anybody except me, that this creepy Swiss guy has so much control over the American Water supply for profit?  When is Nestle going to start bottling air?

 Should POISON WATER have a Market Value too?

But WAIT – The water bottling industry in California could ultimately be getting their bottled water from the groundwater supply that is being poisoned by the Oil Companies!!!   So I guess drinking bottled water is out as well! Bye-bye to Arrowhead and Crystal Geyser which are drained from the groundwater.  While Aquafina and Dasani are from the Californian Municipal Water Supply.  Just imagine, if you lived in California, you would be getting Aquafina and Dasani for nearly FREE by just turning on your faucet! BUT, if Californian water resevoirs are drying up – where is our Municipal water supply coming from?  Could we be coming full circle to the groundwater supply, again?

Gosh, there doesn’t seem to be any escaping those pesky toxic chemicals that our Oil Buddies are sharing with us!

And if that wasn’t enough — Besides dropping your Bottled water habit, you might just rethink eating fruit and vegetables altogether.

In a California state agency publication for farmers, it illuminates how IMPORTANT water is to agriculture –

The lettuce we buy each week at the grocery store is actually
composed of over 90% water, and the same goes for tomatoes, strawberries,
cucumbers, and many of our favorite fruits and vegetables.

Message to the Defenders of All Things Fossil Fuel

To those of YOU, who say – HEY, those Oil Companies claim to say that they are only polluting water that isn’t a source of drinking water.  (See above video, where Head jackass oil-guy explains to his  jackass compatriots how to get away with poisoning California Water – Oh those pesky, pesky regulations!)

But in DROUGHT conditions, water for drinking and water for irrigation will be always be the most easily accessible water ANYWHERE in the state.  So when one source dries up, you go elsewhere , even if that wasn’t previously a main water supply, correct? But what if the OTHER sources are poisoned, what then? Well, you can always pay for the use of  unregulated “filtered” oil-waste water, like some desperate farmers – See (http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-drought-oil-water-20150503-story.html#page=1).

Wow, aren’t those Oil Companies clever profiteers?! FIRST they poison the water, and then they “filter” it, and SELL it to farmers.  WHAT will they sell us next – the cure for the cancers that Americans get from drinking the bottled water and food they have poisoned?

But I am getting sidetracked from all the Delightfully Creative Evil-doing of Oil companies ….

Whether the water that the Oil Companies are poisoning NOW is a main water source for drinking or irrigation is IMMATERIAL – Who can say WHERE those water supplies will be as the drought continues?  If there is ANYTHING an Oil Company Flunky/Apologist should understand is that when a VALUABLE resource grows dry in one area, you pick up and go seeking it elsewhere – no matter HOW far you have to go.  And if you are willing to go to the ARCTIC for the less valuable resource of oil, how is it ILLOGICAL for farmers, water departments, regular people to go drilling a county or two over for access to fresh WATER – NECESSARY FOR LIFE when your original resource was dry?  It isn’t!

It certainly didn’t stop Switzerland based NESTLE to come ALL the way to California to drill for American Water and sell it back to U.S.  Nestle must think we are chumps for paying a Swiss Company $1.50 a bottle for water we could get for nearly free from our own taps.  And they would be right!  God bless the Creeprocrats and the American Nation that keeps them happily employed!

To those Whose Souls haven’t been Sucked Dry by Fossil Fuel Interests

Here are some petitions addressing several of the issues states above.
Please visit these links –

Earth Justice Petition to Demand the OVERTURN legislation allowing poisoning of CA Water till 2017

MoveOn Petition to Ban Fracking

 Petition to DEMAND to the right to know what the Proprietary Poisons are in Fracking Wastewater


 And if you would LOVE to Hate on Nestle and their lizard-eyed CEO Peter Brabeck sign this petition against water bottling in CA

I posted a visual-free version of this on Daily Kos – My first Diary – so if you have a moment please visit

And give it some love and attention – or even some controversy.  Hell on the internet, any attention is worth something.

Republic vs. Democracy – 6th of 10 Commandments for the Reluctant Democrat

Understanding the Importance of Exercising one’s “Democratic” Rights in the US Republic.

My political observations are based more upon the observation of history and society at large, than upon theory – so I won’t indulge in the debate of what is a better form of government, a Republic or a Democracy.  But what is interesting, is that from the very beginning of the drafting of the American Constitution there were some problems – mainly that the first three words upon which our nation is based – “We the people” would only represent an elite class of white men for over a century.   (One could argue by looking at who in the U.S.A.  represents the government and dominant economy – that while more Americans participate percentage wise,  the allotment of the American Pie slices really hasn’t changed all that much.)

And since then the Constitution has had to be amended twice to allow African Americans, and women to vote.  In 1869, the 15th Amendment gave African American men the right to vote, but African American women would have to wait until 20 years into the next century with the rest of the women to be granted voting rights by the 19th Amendment.

What's another couple of years after over a hundred years waiting - anyway?

What’s another couple of years after over a hundred years waiting – anyway?

Even now, women in this country have had less than a hundred years of voting, while white men have had over 200, and black men have had nearly a century and a half of voting rights.  To be sure, racist policies across the nation have have severely limited African Americans from easy access to voting, but “in theory”, men have been significantly ahead in achieving their full civil rights in this country than women.

Ever wonder why Education is often one of the lowest priorities on the politicians' budget? Even without illegal obstruction - the less educated one is, the less likely they are to vote. Never trust a politician that has a problem with

Ever wonder why Education is often one of the lowest priorities on the politicians’ budget? Even without illegal obstruction – the less educated one is, the less likely they are to vote. Never trust a politician that has a problem with “intellectuals.”

Now this is just an “example” of two fundamental problems with a Republic – 1) It can only be as strong as the Constitution it is based upon; 2) Even if the Constitution upholds the best ideals a Nation can aspire to – If those who serve and protect it lack the same enlightened consciousness of the Constitution; i.e. – forefathers leaving out the majority of the Nation’s populous OUT of the discussion of governance, while still proclaiming _ WE the people … Well truly, how can we, the true people, win?

The ONLY counterbalance, to the intransigence of a Republic toward change of any kind, IS the Democratic voice of the people.  Without the full participation, of the great popular diversity of our nation, we are stuck in the straightjacket of a government/constitution make-up that no longer serves the Nation as a whole.  If we want to KEEP the stability of our government, we need to make our voices heard so that certain constitutional amendments can be made in our lifetimes.  Generations upon generations of American Women and African Americans lived in this country as 2nd or less class citizens, due to the lack of an ability to vote.

These must have been the Great-great-great grammas to our beloved

These must have been the Great-great-great grammas to our beloved “FemiNazis” – Shaming women for demanding their human rights never seems to get old.

One of the most crucial of these Constitutional discussions of late, is how to address the last few Supreme Court hearings that have struck down the campaign finance laws, which were meant to keep corruption at bay in the elections process.

It was the 14th amendment that granted corporations “personhood” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_personhood  and this is the reason the Supreme Court ruled in favor of McCutcheon.  Because the majority of the Justices saw that putting limits on a corporations campaign contributions violated the rights of “personhood” that it was granted in the 14th amendment.

So … you see, with our present Republic, only the most powerful voices – whether they are energized by money or quantity of people can make a difference when it comes to challenging serious problems concerning our constitution.

If you want to be part of the Democratic OUTCRY demanding that our Constitution be reformed to prioritize the rights of PEOPLE versus the abstract personhood of corporations, please visit the links to the following petitions which seek to change the currently corrupt campaign finance system.



Would the Democratic Party Please CHANGE its Scratched Record? : The Ten Commandments for the Reluctant Democrat

So I am wondering if we should just come clean with ourselves America.  AMERICA – HELLO ARE YUUUUUU LISTENING!  Do we ACTUALLY want the responsibility of being a Democracy or do we just want to sit back as we become the befuddled masses ruled by a Monarchy of one of two families – the Bushes or the Clintons?  This is a question only YOU can answer — starting Thinking on it!

Conservative Chat

For more of Drew Sheneman’s comedic brilliance check out his page on Go Comics.

I know that I am only preaching to the converted – to anyone following this, but if you would please share this post with your people … we need some Waking UP to do, of this Country AND its Politicians and its People.

Here the First 5 of 10 Commandments for Reluctant Democrats –

Because a Government is like anything else, you get what you put into it – Garbage in and Garbage Out – Although in the case of Washington D.C. – Too many voters forget to take OUT the garbage!

Unfair advantage of Reps vs Dems - voting

1) VOTE in ALL Elections –  All elections.  You think the Presidential race is the most important?  Sorry, wrong answer.  The most important is EVERY election.  Why? Because remember, the fewer A-holes in Federal  or  your State Congress, the better the nation or your state runs. Currently, our Federal Congress has more A-holes in it than a year of busy-days in a proctologists clinic.  So GET busy People – and start voting those jerks out! And voting decent folks in – make them EARN their money, instead of pimping you for yours!

Voter Apathy

And voting means figuring out the following AHEAD OF TIME

* How to get time off from work – F.Y.I. – It is illegal for an employer to refuse you time off to vote.
* How to get there.  Around election time, many non-profit organizations offer free transportation to your polls.  But in
order to take advantage of this, you need to sign up in advance.

And if you are UN-LUCKY enough to live in one of those Voter suppression states, (if you don’t know – Ask yourself is it a Red – Republican or Blue Democrat run – Chances are if there are primarily Republicans running the politics of your state, and have been for a while – Get ready to jump through some voter suppression hoops – like signing away your first born.  All kidding aside, you will need to do your homework NOW – get registered correctly ASAP, and check with your elections board to make sure you have ALL the information at least a month ahead of time … and check a week beforehand for any wiley changes of polling spots, etc.  Half the reason, Republicans get in is by pure trickery come election time.  They are counting on catching you unawares with your Panties or Jocks down by changing the election rules last minute.  Be PREPARED !

Unfair advantage of Reps vs Dems - voting2

2) BE INFORMED before you vote – This means reading. If someone tells you something on tv, don’t just believe what they say BECAUSE they are on tv.  Remember people on tv are often PAID to lie, so there is no incentive, besides their conscience (if they didn’t sell it already), to do otherwise.   And if it is in a political ad, all the more reason to check their facts, if any magically appear in the ad.  Check it out on the internet, google several sources, not just your favorite propaganda.  Does something sound fishy about the story/issue – Start actively wondering and wandering through the media to see what you can see.  We do have access to a LOT of truth, we just can’t count on the mainstream media – TV/Radio/Newspapers to consistently provide it to us – Why should they – They are supported by corporate interests, for the most part.  And irregardless what those red-faced fools on Faux TV say, these corporate interests are ANYTHING BUT, liberal.

Media Garbage IN -

Some Media Sources that are reliable and not the typical mainstream I check regularly.





3) KNOW your Politicians!  Know them BEFORE you vote them in, and WHILE they are doing their job.  They all have websites with that information –  Here is a good place to start finding out what they are up to ….


This link is for your Federal Representatives.  Your Homework is to find out who your state Representatives are.

WARNING – Before you heed my advice on the following – I suggest you make a separate email account JUST for email associated with the following.  This is easy, you can have multiple free gmail, hotmail, etc accounts.  I have an account set up just for correspondence to and from the following organizations.  And I would suggest NOT to sign up to the Democratic National Committee – They will send you  fundraising emails, EVERY DAY with horrible scare tactic headlines – Like … IT’s ALL OVER!! or WE ARE DOOMED!!!   As far as I am concerned the Democrats have ENOUGH money of mine to waste every year, until they start getting their priorities straight they are not seeing any $$$$ from me!  Better to send money to political action groups that SPECIFICALLY address/support your Issue.  Send it to the Dems and they take the money and run without a concern about fighting for what is important to you.

4)  SPEAK OUT effectively.  If you don’t have the time to call or write your Representatives,  I think you can manage the push-button democracy of signing a petition via any of these sites below.  On most of these sites you can search for the cause(s) you care about, and you don’t need to go through all the petitions.  If you get on their mailing lists, they will send you popular petitions that are making headway politically.  Petition-signing is one of the easiest AND most effective tools of democracy.  When a politician gets a petition addressed to him/her, they KNOW that their constituents are PAYING attention to their votes on that issue, and that their votes could be deal-breakers or makers for their constituents.  With the internet, the public has FULL access to a politician’s voting record, as well as the types of legislation they draft.  Politicians are like cockroaches – they do their dirty business in the dark, and the Internet is a BIG shining light on them.  Sign a petition heading for your representatives and see them run for cover if they are voting the wrong way.  Currently on the MoveOn site there are lots of petitions directed toward Republican politicians to allow their states access to Federal Monies from the Affordable Health Care Act.  I have seen responses from a number of State Representatives who agree that the citizens from their state, such as Missouri shouldn’t be given the short end of the stick, because their Republican politicians are rabidly dogmatic, and would rather see their constituents sick and/or dead than accept money from the Federal government, thanks to “Obamacare.” Here’s hoping their cheating their popular constituency of health care is the ideological rope that strangles their future in politics.

Check these petition sites out and feel how good it is to exercise your Muscles of Democracy!





For international petitions check out –  http://www.avaaz.org/en/

5)  BE ACTIVE – Once you get a “taste” of Democratic power, you may get hungry for more. These days with the internet you can get active by simply joining an organization that addresses your issue and seeing how you can support their work, through volunteering, money, rallies, a huge number of ways.

Some of the few organizations  that seem to be on the sensible side of some hot-button issues –

Gun Control –

Moms Demand Action  – http://momsdemandaction.org/   and their story … just regular Moms becoming activists and forcing change in gun laws  http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/09/moms-demand-action-guns-madd-shannon-watts-nra

Social Security –    http://www.socialsecurityworks.org/

Americans for Financial Reform – addresses Campaign Finance Reform –   http://ourfinancialsecurity.org/

Environment and its Relation to Public Health:  Food and Water Watch –    http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/

Racism in America : Color of Change – I had trouble accessing the website but you can see what they are doing via  twitter  which will take you to their website – https://twitter.com/colorofchange

Environment and Climate Change/Chaos: http://www.sierraclub.org/

So that should keep you folks busy! Enjoy your newly strengthened Muscles of Democracy!

America the Beautiful – Tell Your Politicians This is not YOUR Land to Pollute for Power and Profit!

The week before last Obama called the Congress to work with him on issues upon which they agreed.  One of those issues, which I believe ALL Americans agree, is the importance of preserving and protecting our natural spaces and environment.  Below is a video link produced by BBC that captures the incredible beauty of the Californian Gulf. ( I apologize for the lack of a more user friendly link – the Youtube link I initially placed in this post was removed by the user for some mysterious reason.  Possibly BBC wants people to visit its site rather than some Youtubers site)

California gulf


I look at this video and think, why do we continue risking this for oil – oil spills from drilling and tankers?  Forbes just posted an article that cites polls that American’s overwhelming want renewable energy over coal , oil, nuclear, and gas.  And this is due to our concern for our environment.


Yet, we as a nation are NOT making the investments toward the development of renewable energy infrastructure and technology.  Commercially and politically the nation continues to march inexorably forward with the development and production of dirty energies.  Why do we go in this direction as a nation with so much natural beauty to lose?  Americans know we are truly blessed having a country with such a magnificent heritage of natural parks and undisturbed habitat for flora and fauna.

The fact remains that as long as our democracy is run by big money – the welfare of the natural environment will be at a disadvantage. Thanks to the  majority Supreme Court’s rulings favoring the wealthy corporation or individual over the rest of U.S. when it comes to campaign finance – our environment is truly at risk. A good breakdown of the history of these rulings is here:  https://www.brennancenter.org/analysis/pro-money-supreme-court

The earth beneath our feet, the skies above our heads, the water we drink, the wildlife we watch in wonder – NONE of these have a voice in Washington, nor cash in the bank.

Lotus Position

We as Americans HAVE to take up that responsibility … to be the voice, to be the power to protect what is precious to us.  Because our politicians won’t pay attention otherwise.  Some recent examples on BOTH sides of the political spectrum

code green

So … I close with a handful of worthy petitions that I encourage you to sign that reminds these politicians that – HEY this land is not YOUR LAND to pollute for profit and power!  And please pass these petitions on – they DO make a difference!

  • Is the testing of Military sonar equipment trump maintaining the healthy environment of the Pacific for whales and dolphins?  The U.S. government seems to think it does – MORE of our tax dollars wasted to destroy life of all forms.
  • http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/stop-the-navys-war-on




Divide U.S. or Conquer U.S. – It will all be Sorted out on the Internet, the forum of Forbidden Conversation – Part 1

Early Christmas morning, when I should have been asleep with sugar plums dancing in my head – I wrote the following on a spiritually oriented website called En*theos.  https://www.entheos.com/   I enjoy participating regularly on this site because I feel it time well spent, rather than a timesuck, which I find Facebook to be.  Facebook is everything, just like YouTube is everything, and you can encounter the good with the bad.  These days,  I spend so much time on my own, which is fine with me since this is what I have chosen to do.  With a dietary restrictions placed upon my social life, I figure if I am spending any sort of social time with people in real-time or virtual time – it has to be productive and/or positive.  So I consciously choose the company I keep in the virtual world … and I prefer the consistency of spiritual substance, not religion mind you, but conversations and explorations into “How to make the best of one’s life holistically.”  But I am not interested in being insulated from the world within a “good-vibe-bubble” … I know the world is a many-flavahed thing … both sweet and sour, sticky and smooth, stodgy and swift, spinetingling and serene. … And I can’t help but dive into the messiest of messes, just to truth test the spiritual wisdom I gather and the life perspective I have been cultivating more intensively in the past year.  The messiest of messes on the internet?  Political/cultural debates in YouTube comment threads are the ultimate free-for-all.  The last post I wrote here, was on Elizabeth Warren and her viability as a candidate for President.  Because I had invested a fair amount of time writing and editing the post which was  inspired by a particular YouTube video, I was, of course, curious about other people’s views as well.  And this is the context for the following –

A few days ago, I wrote a positive comment to a stranger on the greater internet. This guy was acting like a troll, and rather than take him to task, I encouraged this person to try to unite their perspective (which had some truth to it) with a more positive/productive approach. The response I got was a heartbreaking revelation of how hard his life  had been thus far and that the trolling activity was more an expression of his existential nihilism (my words – but you get the idea).

The message was shockingly authentic and vulnerable … and it was written several days ago, but I just got around to reading it tonight. I hope that the fact that I wrote my response on Christmas – early morning – makes up for the delay. Internet can be a place where people are their most false or true self … and in the span of a week … I saw these two sides of a stranger, who may become a friend. I have to say I am grateful, I got the opportunity to lighten the heart of a stranger today. We should never underestimate the power of good intentions bound with positive action : ) Merry Everything to Everybody today!  —- Christmas 2014

The highlights of the conversation which follow this main post are example of the social phenomena that is occurring across the internet: dangerous conversations transforming into a civilized accord.  Strangers battle with words at first, fiercely determined to proclaim one’s truth or  to discover that of another. We slice away at difficult issues until all that is left is a sincere connection of humanity.  Why would two strangers, who have already revealed their worst selves, have  actively misunderstood the other, insulted each other’s intelligence, or aggressively challenged each other’s identities, not hold onto hate with all their might against their internet adversary?  Connection … the foundation of internet is energetic connection.  And anyone that participates on the internet intuitively knows this. Even if one intends to make a nuisance of oneself … it is to connect to others in a way that makes one feel significant.  Man or woman doesn’t want to be an island unto themselves , they want to matter – even if that mattering means they are known as a pain in the ass on the internet.  But if one really wants to matter, one drops one’s shield and sword and offers an olive leaf. The enemy that becomes your friend will always matter, because the friendship was hard-won.

In spite of our cultural mythology about the excellence of the individual over the collective, since the internet has come into being, the generations that have grown up with the internet have created the virtual social revolution – there are more social media entities than you can point a mouse at.  Why?  Because of  the ever-present yearning longing for connection, and not just ONE type of connection to others, but a great cornucopia of connections – connections via words – WordPress, blogger; videos – YouTube, Vimeo; Pictures we take – Instagram; Things we like – Pinterest; Ideas – Reddit, StumbleUpon; to rattle through the tried-and-true methods of  virtual connection.  In the following video by UC Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner emphasizes how the majority of humanity is driven to share in community.

Humanity didn’t get this far on the evolutionary path as lone wolves, but as partners, families, tribes, states, nations, and continents, all different versions of the collective that challenge the primacy of the individual.  But if we look back to the origin of the “excellence” of the individual, of the renaissance – the men, or women, but mostly men — women were occupied with children more often than not —- who individually defied the collective religious oppression that stifled their artistic or scientific exploration and discoveries – this is not the individualism that is encouraged by our mainstream mythology.  Nor is it the individualism of the American or French Revolutions that encouraged free speech and political action by individuals as an essential component of the creation of new states.  These types of individuality where you harness your inner spirit with actions you make in the world outside yourself are unifying.  Your essential self drives you deeper into life, rather than separating you from it.'With all these arms and legs, I should be able to do something better with my life.'

What is the modern individualism?  It is the commercial manipulation of our most rudimentary instincts to consume as many products INDIVIDUALLY as possible.  This type of individualism where each ONE of us is encouraged to buy a car, a house, furnish that house, partner up but at the same time be so dissatisfied with your body, your life, that you always want more for yourself and your kids and your kids, kids … so existentially dissatisfied that you are driven to question, challenge, devalue or attack the one’s you are supposed to love and be loved by, including most importantly, yourself.


Due to the commercialization of individual impulse – where one’s identity is supposed to be expressed externally via your body shape, your clothes, your car, your possessions … modern capitalist men and women have become alienated from their essential selves and further have become socially alienated – not so much because they ARE weird, but each of us is MADE to feel weird, until of course we buy the right product or pursue the profitable path of buy-buy bliss.

selfish girl with dolls

And I believe that this flourishing of social websites is the natural outcome of a society of individuals who are trying to find their way back to community, after being lost in a wilderness of commercialization that drove them to hate their bodies for not being beautiful; hate their spouses for not being sexy or successful enough; hate their jobs for not being glamorous enough;hate their neighbors for having too much or fearing them because they might some of what they have; hate their towns for not being the hub-of-the-universe.  Sure we can want more as human beings, but at what cost?

Comedian Bill Hicks brilliantly points out this existential crisis in this bit – It’s All a Ride –

On the side of media nihilism is Fox News, Rush Limbaugh et. al –  that imply that Armageddon is following the next commercial break, on the other side of pure unadulterated media appreciation of life – there are millions of hits daily for quirky cat videos, inspirational quotes, national/international petitions advocating justice or decrying injustice on a whole slew of matters.  The future and our place in it, is an ever unfolding mystery. But because so many of us can’t stand the suspense, we play mind games imagining we can control it with our fantastical visions.cartoons_sockratic1-1

And in the sea of misinformation, world-citizens must struggle to find out what the “real” political truths.  We are the polis, after all.  In our confusion, we wander or seek debates in order to hash through the contradictions of the American political landscape – asking ourselves –  Shall we dare to hope or shall we succumb to doom?

To be Continued –


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Post – Modern battle between David & Goliath : Elizabeth Warren takes on the U.S. Banking System –

There were fireworks in Washington D.C. last week . No there wasn’t a holiday. It was the fall-out from Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren verbally ripped into Citigroup and its historical corrupting influence in Washington.  Citigroup has been front row and center to the crafting of Federal banking policy since the Clinton administration.  Ms. Warren goes through this intimate corporate/government relationship in the following video.


Citigroup and Gov ties graphic

Well, long story-short, after Ms. Warren’s chastising – we are at status quo, one big love fest between the government and Citigroup.  Here is a small thing YOU can do to let the folks up in the Capitol that you DO NOT APPROVE of their illicit relationship financed by your tax dollars.  Sign the petition below to demand that Obama replace the present under-secretary to the treasury, whose proud resume includes advising Burger King to undergo corporate inversion.


B_King cartoon

Burger King is now owned by Brazilian Company – 3D – and could give a DAMN about the Americans it underpays and profits from.

This means that Burger King merely was advised by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway to merge with a foreign company (Tim Horton of Canada) so it can Presto-CHANGO become Canadian, and thus free itself of the burden of paying American Corporate taxes.  Never mind that the King was born here, he is renouncing his citizenship.  And never mind MOST Of the King’s profits that made it into the Behemoth of junk food it is today came from the US … The King is doing a slam-bam-thank-you-Mam to the American consumer and hiding out North of the Border. Leave it to a KING to treat the Americans like peasants. I can tell you one thing, I will NEVER set foot in a Burger King again.  But that is another petition/boycott to come.

The March of Entitlement – Back in the day of Occupy Wallstreet


I have been an active commenter on a number of sites for a few years now, and am impressed with how a good debate can get even right-wingers or liberatarians to start to come to the table and start having a reasonable conversation where we are seeing eye-to-eye on certain issues.  And one of the issues that is becoming a point of agreement is that EVERYBODY hates the banks, people, conservative, tea-party left, liberatarian, green and progressive … the 99 per cent of the population that is.

And this is something that the Democratic party  needs to seriously consider if they don’t want to hand the WHOLE of the country over to the Republicans in two years.  It isn’t that their democratic constituency doesn’t care about the DIREction of the country but rather, they just see the Democrats who are running by and large acting Republican-lite when it comes to dealing with policies associated with anything from corporate oversight and regulation to ending corporate tax loopholes and legacy corporate subsidies.  And what does the Democratic constituency do when their leaders fail them?  They vote with their feet AWAY from the ballot box.  We saw it this fall, with the loss of the Democratic-majority senate.  Democrats are purists.  We want our leaders to walk their talk.  The Republican constituency may be satisfied with lies and doubletalk, but Democrats are not.  Democrats are a complex bunch, but what we can agree on is that we have had ENOUGH of corporations stealing our government with OUR taxdollars!

And what troubles me, is that the Democratic party is soooo incredibly out of touch that they don’t get how outraged the American public has been about the bank bail-outs for gambling with their money.  So out of touch that Hilary Clinton is thought to be the shoo-in for the Democratic Presidential race.

The same Hilary Clinton, whose history is tied to the Whitewater banking scandals of the 80’s is .  And can we not forget that she was first lady when the whole banking deregulation began with the destruction of Glass-Steagall act that had prohibited banks and securities from operating under the same roof.  Either the Democratic party is intent upon self-destruction or they are so wrapped up in corruption that it will take a popular revolution against the whole government for them to reconsider their ineptitude at serving their constituency.

When reading the comments from the above video, I noticed that there is a sizeable anti-Hilary contingent in the left. They see her as  in bed with the banks and the frackers, as well as being a war-hawk. And people have been saying that Hilary is not a valid choice and will either sit out the election or write in a candidate rather than vote for her.

I think what Democratic leaders NEED to understand these days is that the majority of their constituency will NOT vote PERIOD unless they are authentically representing the issues that people care about. This is why we lost the Senate – too many Democrats are Republican-lites and are tragically out of touch with their constituency. And this is why people are getting excited about Elizabeth Warren, both Left and Right – because there are so few politicians on either side that actually are walking their talk when it comes to serving the interests of the people and taking on the the corporatocracy that is consuming America as we speak. Elizabeth Warren is our “David” fighting our Goliath (the Banks).

In the World: The People Must Write New Rules, While the Establishment Breaks the Old Ones

While my highschool classmates were rebelling as Punks, or conforming like Preps in the 80’s, I was digging into the history of Latin America with its:  Latin-American death squads in El Salvador; Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua against the CIA supported government; United Fruit’s corruption of Guatemalan politics; the 10’s of thousands of disappearances of citizens in Argentina.  And more often than not, I would discover how the U.S. was involved on the wrong side – allying with oppressive, violent, and corrupt dictatorships against the Peoples of Latin America.  This investigation into the seedy underbelly of the U.S. governments’ secret alliances and military actions, initiated me into my first personal political crisis.  How does one come to terms with being an American, when being so links you with a government capable of such evil actions and alliances?


From 15 till perhaps my 40’s, I hated the thought of even thinking of myself as an American – like a child of a serial killer who denies their parentage.  And on a personal level it gave me solace to deny this identity of mine, and allowed me to psychologically disassociate from the dirty-politics of my country, but it also was a cop-out.  I have spoken about this before, my lack of political participation in the past.  It wasn’t for lack of caring or of knowledge.  But I was so aggrieved with the political apparatus that was connected to the Latin American historical horrors as I had become acquainted with from the age of 15 , that I refused to ever consider getting involved in politics.  Historically, Americans have always thought of politics as a “dirty business.”  Politicians and lawyers, who often become politicians may be powerful, may have money, but generally neither is generally considered an entirely respectable career.  We all know, that at the basis of our laws – lawyers/politicians often choose to lie/deceive in order to achieve their goals.  No other professions give such leeway for corrupt behavior.  But in American politics it is accepted.

And here we are, as a Nation, being represented by a bunch of corrupt goons, who bought, bribed, lied, and schemed their way into power – few of them sincerely representing the will of the people.  When I engage in debates with Republicans or Libertarians, they accuse me of being a Democrat or a Radical.  And I have issue with both labels.  I am registered as a Democrat, because I want to vote in the primaries which determine the Democratic candidate, but beyond that I don’t support the Democratic Party’s inability to champion the issues that their constituents really care about: – raising the minimum wage; health care for EVERYONE without insurance interference; gun control; Student Debt Reform; money OUT of politics; environmental/health issues – GMO-Labeling; Regulation of Fossil Fuel producers concerning pollution – Fracking; Coal Company Emissions.

And of course, since I actually care about the quality of life, air, environment, and food of the average person in this country – I am labeled a radical by the right-wingers.  Really?  They encourage me to “trust” the corporations that have FIRST say in the governance of this nation.  And they call ME naïve.

So now, that those who are the prostitutes of the Fortune 500 now have majority control of both the American Senate and House – what exactly is an American Citizen to do?

What do we do?  We fight harder.  We organize better.  We invent new political tools. We inform ourselves about the issues,and we make our voices heard.  And most importantly, we need to realize we are NOT alone.   All over the world, people are fighting for the same issues that we care about.  We need to unite with our brothers and sisters globally – to let the power elites know the PEOPLE are watching out for each other and we have each other’s backs!  And Once We the People, Recognize our TRUE STRENGTH and start USING it … there will be NO WAY  of stopping US!

In the Name of International Unity

The U.S. is closely allied with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.  Yet both of their governments are extremely repressive of freedom of speech; political participation; civil rights, especially of women; and freedom of religion – supporting an interpretation of Islam that is particularly rigid and hostile toward non-Muslims.  These governments speak with forked tongues – On the one hand, condemning the “evil western” ways, which the U.S. symbolizes, speaking to their countrymen, and on the other hand, making military deals with the U.S. – to protect their particularly oppressive ways of life.

 In the petition below, women in Saudi Arabia are denied the legal right to drive.  Never mind voting, or freedom of speech, or press, or of political gathering, or religion … none of those things are permitted either in the ABSOLUTE monarchy of Saudi Arabia.  Absolute meaning the King’s word is tantamount to Allah’s word.  And the US taxpayers are paying for the military costs of the base parked on Saudi soil.  But since we don’t have any say as to how our government continually rips us off with its immoral military expenses, perhaps we can help the Saudi women gain the right to drive.  And the U.S. alliance with this dictatorship will become just a little less gag-worthy.

Saudi Women - We can Drive


Below is a petition is to save the life of Asia Bibi, a  Pakistani who was wrongfully accused of blasphemy – the punishment of which is the death penalty.  Seriously, we are political and military allies with a nation that will kill people for saying something anti-Islamic?  How is Pakistan any better than Iran then?

Asia Bibi - Pakistan


And while these two petitions are targeting governments of Muslim countries, I want to state that I do not have a vendetta against Islam itself.  For over 10 years I have intensively studied both Islam and the politics of Muslim majority countries.  And I have come to the conclusion, that much of the hostilities between Christianity and Islam have to do with the power-elites of both manipulating the power of religions to accomplish nefarious goals.  No government should have “control” or “legislate” the human spirit!


My last entry for International Consideration is a short video –  Over the past four years, the Unist’ot’en clan of the Wet’suwet’en nation have literally built a strategy to keep three proposed oil and gas pipelines from crossing their land. Concerned about the environmental damage a leak could cause on land they’ve never given up, they’ve constructed a protection camp to block pipeline companies. As opposition to the development of Alberta’s tar sands and to fracking projects grows across Canada, with First Nations communities on the front lines, the Unist’ot’en camp is an example of resistance that everyone is watching.

What is of particular interest is how effectively the Unist’ot’en clan of the Wet’suwet’en nation has worked politically as a community and with international supporters.  Our governments could learn a thing or a million from them.  Where are the political science PhD candidates of the future – they should haul their asses up to Canada to document this!

WHAT U can DO! – Keeping the US from Falling into Fascism or the “Good OL Days” – Republican Style

Scroll to the Bottom of this Post for links – if you are anxious to Save Our Democracy  and do something and don’t have time to read this post – Go ahead scroll, I won’t be offended, I promise!

My last post was decidedly apolitical – from a soggy-hearted state of mind.  But no “broken” heart would close to my despair if the U.S. becomes MAJORITY Republican in both the House and the Senate.  Can I hear a collective MOooooooooooooooooooAN!  And GROOOOOOAAAAN!?Vote As if

I think I would feel the same way I felt when Bush-Baby got elected the second time.  Thank GOD, I was vacationing in lovely Antalya, Turkey and soaking in the sun and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, when that happened.  Perhaps if I were in the US at the time, I would have taken full advantage of my 2nd amendment rights and gone Postal. Seriously, not really – I am a Gun Control NUT, by the way.  (And for those in Washington state – YES on 594, and NO on 591)

But I digress – only slightly – the is a big deal election, that many voters may be sitting out – and it is CRAZY to do so – as there is much at stake.  Nationally – we could be going backward in time – to whenever the Republicans think were the “good ol’ days” – probably the 50’s when: women had no economic power; and people of color drank at different water fountains from the whites:  White men were the ONLY option for president; when the Arab states were ALL ruled by the dicatators of our choice;  smoke from a factory just signfied – INDUSTRY, JOBS, GROWTH – rather than Climate Chaos;  animals were to be eaten or taken for a walk, rather than protected; marijuana made you MAD/crazy/out of control and meth was just something to keep the housewives happy while losing weight; when smoking made you “cool”;   Big agriculture was spraying DDT on our food crops;  when the Jones’ competed with their neighbors as to who would build the biggest and best supplied nuclear bomb shelter in their backyards or whose child responded to the bomb drills the quickest; when speaking one’s mind against the government guaranteed one being blacklisted from work and socially shunned as a commie-pinko.

THOSE were the good ol’ days – when the GOVERNMENT had such control over its message and secrets that J. Edgar Hoover could be a transvestite, and JFK could be a worse houn’ dog than Bill Clinton – and America was none the wiser.  And of course all the actual political shenanigans that our leaders were up to – well, as far as our government was concerned – What the American people didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt us.

Does this attitude sound slightly familiar to you?  Hasn’t some authority figure in all of our lives said this to us at one point or another?  When WAS that, exactly?  Hmmmm …. riffling though the memory data banks … let’s see – I think my DAD said this to me, when I was a kid … PLENTY of times, and my Grampa, and my Gramma, maybe.

Okay, so the “GOOD OL’ DAYS” were NEVER the good days for the majority of the citizenry – only for the élite and powerful.  Those were the days of unchallenged power, of total opacity, of unmitigated and rampant corruption – unseen and undetected until generations later – the way THEY prefer things to be.  When some politician pines away for the “good ol’ days” – he or she is basically saying – I want to go back to the days of unchallenged government corruption and oppression.  THIS ideal state of governmental control, when the citizenry followed government rules like sheep to the slaughterhouse … this is where I want us ALL to return!

And you know what – with the Republicans selling off our government to the highest bidders courtesy of their conservative Supreme Court Judges selected by Republicans for RICH Republicans … well they just MIGHT get some of what they want.

Pile of MoneyJPG

And because I dread this so much, I have been devoting every morning to acting as call support for Move ON callers to get the message out to like-minded voters to – GET OUT and VOTE!!!  The states they are focusing on are Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, Michigan, Kentucky North Carolina, and New Hampshire.  It is difficult to believe, that these states, which constitute such a small portion of our total national population and economic power will determine in which direction this country will go.  Do we have a snowball’s chance in hell to get out of the mucky-mucky that Republicans have been digging us into since Bush? Or LESS than a snowball’s chance in Hell with the Republicans at the helm coercing Obama with threats of government shut-downs if they the Repiglicans can’t get their way.

Please for the love of all that is sane … if you haven’t registered, please find someone or twenty someones and encourage them to vote!  And if you are feeling particularly fired up, consider assisting one of these following organizations or campaigns with making calls.  You don’t need to go anywhere.  The system is totally automated and forwards the calls to your phone (And NO, the people you call won’t know your phone # or location or identity, unless you tell them).  And the phone numbers are culled from progressive voting roles, where voters vote in Presidential campaigns but miss other voting opportunities.

So EVEN if you aren’t registered – you can play a part in influencing voters to vote in these important campaigns, giving them good information!

Here’s the info –  for Move ON    http://pol.moveon.org/2014calls/home_shift_signup.html?&source=taf

The Progressive Change Committee’s call-out-the-vote campaign is broader ranged – covering more states and candidates than Move ON.            http://act.boldprogressives.org/survey/COTV_2014/?source=CallOutTheVote.com

In Washington State – the big deal is strengthening gun-control laws. To help with this issue contact Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility https://www.facebook.com/WashingtonAllianceforGunResponsibility

YES on 594

 And Now Oregon is trying to do what its neighbors Washington and California couldn’t do – Mandate that all foods all Genetically Modified Foods sold in Oregon be labeled so that Oregonian consumers are fully informed of what they are buying AND eating!

Contact Oregon Right to Know to help : http://oregonrighttoknow.ngpvanhost.com/form/-4582123058710116608?ms=E.V-O-VOLN.NATIONAL.MAIN_SIGNUP








If we Snooze we may Lose the Semblance of Democracy that Exists in this Country

I have been writing in circles for about a week now.  Too many thoughts come to mind. In less than a month according to all pollsters, the whole of congress will be in Republican’s hands, because too many Democrats are unwilling to vote.  The Democrats by lack of will  may just hand the government over to Republicans who –

  •  Brought us the never-ending war in the Middle East and expanding;
  • Shut down the government for over 2 weeks to protect the right of Americans to be uninsured (health insurance);
  •  Are working to strip Americans of the protection of Social Security in their old age;
  • Have worked feverishly to install Justices in the Supreme Court who have increased corporate legal rights while decreasing individual legal rights as well as weakening voting rights for all Americans;
  • Continuously deny climate chaos (climate change – is a ridiculous misnomer – climate change is spring turning into summer into fall into winter and back again, NOT climactic global catastrophe involving extinction of species, super-storms, disappearance of land masses due significant sea level changes – and global warming isn’t any better it just sounds cozy like heart-warming Phrase CHANGE PUHLEASE!


  • Work in lock-step with the fossil fuel folks who are funding the denial of climate chaos
  • Always push for de-regulation for the benefit of business to the detriment of the consumer
  • Prioritize the NRA’s campaign to protect the rights of criminals to illegally firearms over the safety of victims of violence and the greater unarmed population.
  • Promoted Dow’s production of pesticides  and Monsanto’s production of GMO foods for Big Agriculture over the health and safety of American citizens.

And last but not least they have only FOUR solutions to any political problem –

  1. Cut taxes for the wealthy.
  2. Cut tax spending on anything that actually helps the greater population – Education, Healthcare, Environment, Social Services, Regulatory Agencies such as the EPA, FDA, etc.
  3. Deregulating business/industries.

And when all of the above strategies fail  to right the domestic ills of the nation – they start WARS!

Throughout history – during times of national instability,  leaders  have always chosen the enemies for the people, either internally or externally, so as to avoid taking responsibility for what has befallen the nation due to their corrupt or inept policies.  Forever the finger of blame points OUTWARD!  No one dishonorable ever falls of their own volition; they need to be yanked from their post.  And the political tool for yanking out politicians is by voting them OUT!

But once we are committing to war and fear, the weak of the Nation wants a Daddy-figure, an authoritarian Republican leader who can lead us through the dark.  I say the Republicans aren’t leading us through, but deeper INTO the dark.

Our politicians tell us – better them than us!  And I say – What about NOBODY at all?  This  war game is played by old rules, and promoted by old lies.  Lies like – if we fight, we will be safer.  Who will be safer?  Not the men and women you send out. Not their families.  Not the citizens of this country, on whom you have drawn RED TARGETS on their backs, signifying – I am American, I am your enemy, I stand for everything you despise – I give you permission to hate me.

The End is Near

Inner Monologue

EXCUSE ME – I didn’t sign UP for this shit!  I didn’t give you (Uncle Sam) permission to ab-use my money, my body, my life this way!

I may be a bitch, but I am not YOUR BITCH! ,  Mr. Uncle Sam.

But what if I think back …

From Papa Bush’s – invasion of Panama and 1st invasion of Iraq – to Baby Bush’s switcheroo of enemies – Saddam Hussein becoming Enemy #1 instead of the Taliban.  Both of which were U.S. state sponsored for more years than they were our enemies at the time.

If I think back … I can probably count on one hand how many elections I voted in since I turned 18.


I can’t really give you a logical or honorable reason.  And I feel shitty admitting it, believe me.  But the only way to change something you are ashamed of, is admitting that there is a problem, right?  And then getting on with changing it.

And the same goes for changing a country.  What sense does it make to care passionately about what one’s country does or doesn’t do – and then not make the least action to change it?

I could give many excuses for not voting – like it is a done deal – voting won’t make a difference. This was and still is a cop-out.  Because the truth is without participating in the process, as futile as it seemed to be – I was as much part of the problem, as were many other non-voting liberals, democrats, radicals, or anyone else negatively affected by Republican policies.

And to prove that voting DOES MATTER – you only have to look at the Republican campaign to disenfranchise or weaken the Democratic vote

If it is true that the Senate is headed for a Republican takeover, we know they will soon be working in lock-step with the Republican dominated house.  We also know that  the Democrats don’t have enough unity or balls to be the same obstructionists as the Republicans have been since Obama first was elected. I mean, why bother, if their constituents don’t have enough cajones to support them in their elections.  So if we don’t want MORE and MORE war and everything else Republican and we don’t vote –  Who can we blame but ourselves?

The ONE thing that both Democrat and Republican constituencies can agree upon, outside of the 1 per cent, is that our country is “F’d” up economically, socially, and politically.  And with more than half of the electorate to blame, because they can’t be bothered with actually participating in Democracy, just complaining about it, something has got to give.  And do we really want to find out how much worse it can get?

If you are registered,then just effing vote, and if you aren’t encourage as many people who ARE registered to get out there and show our leaders our strength.  Consider that the American civil war, the Women’s suffrage movement, the fall of the Soviet Union ,the Egyptian Spring revolution,all came about by persons fighting for their right to be represented in politics, to have the right to vote in democratic elections. To them having this right was worth their life and safety.  And half the American electorate has been pissing this “right” away for decades.