We are already Embroiled in 3 Wars and the Republicans want to drag U.S. in a Fourth?! – WHY?! – Because Diplomacy is BAD for Business!

Okay, folks … time to wake up!

After months of earnest hard-working political efforts by OUR government, working shoulder to shoulder with friendly nations and Iran – we can breathe a sigh of relief that Iran will not become another nuclear state.  Nuclear BOMB that is.  Or can we?

Not if the Republicans have their way with the media.

The Republicans have millions of dollars from Sheldon Adelson and company for TV ads to throw mud on the deal. Republicans used their millions to smear the Affordable Care Act which gave millions of people access to health insurance; the Obama economic stimulus which kept U.S. unemployment from rising to Greek levels after the 2008 Wall Street collapse; and the military heroism of John Kerry, who got two decorations for bravery and three purple hearts. If Republicans could accomplish these smears with their millions, they think, why couldn’t they do the same with the Iran deal? Huffington Post – Can Republican’s Swiftboat the Iran Nuclear Deal?

You see, the Republicans’ mentality has NOT evolved since the 1950’s when WAR = Everything that is good and just in the world.  Subtext – War made them a shite-load of money.

Consider this historical lesson –

Once upon a time our country was GREAT, let’s say in the 1950’s through the early 1960’s – fat and happy from the spoils of WORLD WAR II. (The war that is most oft-described in mainstream media as the “good war.”)  It is an obvious, but little-discussed fact that the U.S. economy due to the wealth derived from colossal military contracts reaped great profits from WW II.  Read below – and you will see how the U.S. Secretary of War clearly tied the interests of business with war mobilization.

“If you are going to try to go to war, or to prepare for war, in a capitalist country, you have got to let business make money out of the process or business won’t work.” Secretary of War Henry Stimson made this comment in 1940 as preparations for World War II (1939–1945) gained momentum (quoted in Koistinen, p. 580). The global war would pit Allied forces, eventually composed primarily of the United States, Britain, China, and the Soviet Union, against the Axis powers consisting primarily of Germany, Japan, and Italy. U.S. businesses would play a key role in the mobilization efforts for war and the New Deal policies and programs would be largely curtailed. Funded by large military contracts, industry provided millions of new jobs and higher incomes than had been available through the Great Depression when millions of workers had lost their jobs or faced pay cuts. The mobilization effort focused on industry producing massive amounts of war goods including ships, tanks, arms, ammunition, and warplanes. Due to the strong U.S. public mood against international alliances, however, it took Roosevelt almost six years of lobbying with Congress, industry, and the public to begin earnest mobilization efforts.  Read more WW II Mobilization

Notice my highlight?  Do you see a recurring theme here – of MORE MONEY FOR WAR and LESS MONEY FOR PEOPLE at home?

Undoubtedly there were moral reasons to enter WWII, but those moral reasons weren’t compelling enough for the U.S. to enter until we were bombed in Pearl Harbor, and until millions of Jews had already been imprisoned in concentration camps and/or murdered.  We dragged our feet for years, but it seems that the business community had ALWAYS been chomping on the bit to enter the war, not for reasons of morality, though.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the Americans have learned ANYTHING from history.  Why?  Because Americans care NOTHING about history.  We are the ones that SEE the future, always forward-facing, chasing the better, the newer and improved versions of freedom-fighting. We never seem to learn from our mistakes.

For instance, how is it the Republicans whine and holler about the debt, when it is THEIR effing wars that are sucking our economy dry?Dollars that could be spent on rebuilding America are poured into destroying nations.

How much do these wars contribute to our debt? This is a NOT-HOT topic in the media because the most informative article I found was written nearly a year ago in Fiscal Times:

Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, told reporters (in September 2014) that the projected annual cost of $2.5 billion to $3.65 billion to conduct the new air strikes against ISIS hardly compares to the $77.7 billion spent during fiscal 2013 for Operation Enduring Freedom, most of which went for fighting in Afghanistan.  War Against ISIS will EXPLODE the U.S. Debt  (Read the whole article with your hands pressed to your skull or your head might explode as well)

We  can only imagine what our anti-ISIS efforts, launched practically a year ago have cost U.S. since that point.

Here is a handy little graphic to give you just a taste of what your tax dollars have been going to every day!


This is why Republicans don’t want to give you health care, or help students pay for college, or why they REALLY want to dip deep into Social Security, or why they want to CUT every government program allotted for educating, beautifying, conserving, feeding, Americans and America.  Because they have THEIR priorities and that is to pay for their WARS, that makes THEM and their Corporate constituents PLENTY of MONEY.  Don’t get me started on why they are so delusional that they value money over the quality of life of millions, if not billions of people, if you want to get global about it and the quality of life on this planet.  Another rant for another day!


If you are sick and tired of giving the government permission (via your silence) to flush your money down the toilet, as well as kill people and destroy nations, and cheat you and your children and children’s children (ad infinitum) of a better life here in America … consider signing the following petitions.

Defend the Iran Deal – Just Foreign Policy

Republican’s seek to Torpedo Iran Deal – MoveOn


Art Break – When the Beats keep coming on Down

For a few days now – Not really feeling it.  Feeling silent … and just sad.  I called up a friend and left a voice message saying –

“I don’t know if I have just been missing the sun. Or if it is just my sucky life.”

Each day, I have a different perspective on how lucky or unlucky I am.  And seeing that nothing major has changed from one day to the next – I have realized that how I am actually is nothing more than a matter of my opinion at the time. It is absolutely random and ridiculous.  Thing is, living isn’t meant to be all sunshine and daisies, and in the U.S. we shame ourselves for not having MILE WIDE smiles at all times, in spite of Everything.

My present gloom,  all started – a couple of days ago, when I started thinking deep about Ebola, not in a frantic sort of way – but morbidly curious about how it will all play out.  It is interesting how the media plays up the negative consequences of inter-connectivity on a global scale.

Plenty of people worry about global-warming, but I cynically think that Mother Nature in her brutal wisdom, may not give humanity the luxury of another 50 odd years to continue its destruction of the planet.  I have no doubt that the planet will ultimately be fine, but that humans will be the ones to regret their destructive habits and the ones to pay for their careless ways.

What can we do?  Especially when so many are in denial – Those that are too busy saving the world with war or  capitalism or a warped view of religion.  Maybe they have a new planet set up somewhere as a destination get away?  Oh, that’s right – that is what heaven is for.  The alternate reality with angels standing outside as bouncers behind velvet ropes.  And somehow only the people who trashed the planet are allowed inside?

What IS there to do?

First of all, we need to wake up!

Focus on the present moment.   And focus on the good and the great in us and each other, our creative abilities to transform the ugly, the desperate, the cruel, the brutal into  lessons, into awareness, into artful understanding.  To go from tears to laughter, like children.

And to Live out loud and proud!  Dig into your soul, pour it out.  Living your truth is a revolution.

(When I am really frustrated – dancing like a madwoman often helps)

If you want to take back your power – you can breathe and listen with eyes closed to the Godfathers of Rap – when rap was first  revolutionary.  (Warning – doesn’t mix well with Yoga)

Public Enemy circa 1988 –It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back –  No Bling no, no Babes, no B.S. here!


And for an insightful – “don’t believe the hype” musical conversation on the War on Terror check this out –

UK Hip-Hop Online Show – Combining Crazy Beats with Controversial


In the midst of the doom … all I can say is – hold tight and fight the gloom.  As long as we are here, we still have some living and loving to do!


If we Snooze we may Lose the Semblance of Democracy that Exists in this Country

I have been writing in circles for about a week now.  Too many thoughts come to mind. In less than a month according to all pollsters, the whole of congress will be in Republican’s hands, because too many Democrats are unwilling to vote.  The Democrats by lack of will  may just hand the government over to Republicans who –

  •  Brought us the never-ending war in the Middle East and expanding;
  • Shut down the government for over 2 weeks to protect the right of Americans to be uninsured (health insurance);
  •  Are working to strip Americans of the protection of Social Security in their old age;
  • Have worked feverishly to install Justices in the Supreme Court who have increased corporate legal rights while decreasing individual legal rights as well as weakening voting rights for all Americans;
  • Continuously deny climate chaos (climate change – is a ridiculous misnomer – climate change is spring turning into summer into fall into winter and back again, NOT climactic global catastrophe involving extinction of species, super-storms, disappearance of land masses due significant sea level changes – and global warming isn’t any better it just sounds cozy like heart-warming Phrase CHANGE PUHLEASE!


  • Work in lock-step with the fossil fuel folks who are funding the denial of climate chaos
  • Always push for de-regulation for the benefit of business to the detriment of the consumer
  • Prioritize the NRA’s campaign to protect the rights of criminals to illegally firearms over the safety of victims of violence and the greater unarmed population.
  • Promoted Dow’s production of pesticides  and Monsanto’s production of GMO foods for Big Agriculture over the health and safety of American citizens.

And last but not least they have only FOUR solutions to any political problem –

  1. Cut taxes for the wealthy.
  2. Cut tax spending on anything that actually helps the greater population – Education, Healthcare, Environment, Social Services, Regulatory Agencies such as the EPA, FDA, etc.
  3. Deregulating business/industries.

And when all of the above strategies fail  to right the domestic ills of the nation – they start WARS!

Throughout history – during times of national instability,  leaders  have always chosen the enemies for the people, either internally or externally, so as to avoid taking responsibility for what has befallen the nation due to their corrupt or inept policies.  Forever the finger of blame points OUTWARD!  No one dishonorable ever falls of their own volition; they need to be yanked from their post.  And the political tool for yanking out politicians is by voting them OUT!

But once we are committing to war and fear, the weak of the Nation wants a Daddy-figure, an authoritarian Republican leader who can lead us through the dark.  I say the Republicans aren’t leading us through, but deeper INTO the dark.

Our politicians tell us – better them than us!  And I say – What about NOBODY at all?  This  war game is played by old rules, and promoted by old lies.  Lies like – if we fight, we will be safer.  Who will be safer?  Not the men and women you send out. Not their families.  Not the citizens of this country, on whom you have drawn RED TARGETS on their backs, signifying – I am American, I am your enemy, I stand for everything you despise – I give you permission to hate me.

The End is Near

Inner Monologue

EXCUSE ME – I didn’t sign UP for this shit!  I didn’t give you (Uncle Sam) permission to ab-use my money, my body, my life this way!

I may be a bitch, but I am not YOUR BITCH! ,  Mr. Uncle Sam.

But what if I think back …

From Papa Bush’s – invasion of Panama and 1st invasion of Iraq – to Baby Bush’s switcheroo of enemies – Saddam Hussein becoming Enemy #1 instead of the Taliban.  Both of which were U.S. state sponsored for more years than they were our enemies at the time.

If I think back … I can probably count on one hand how many elections I voted in since I turned 18.


I can’t really give you a logical or honorable reason.  And I feel shitty admitting it, believe me.  But the only way to change something you are ashamed of, is admitting that there is a problem, right?  And then getting on with changing it.

And the same goes for changing a country.  What sense does it make to care passionately about what one’s country does or doesn’t do – and then not make the least action to change it?

I could give many excuses for not voting – like it is a done deal – voting won’t make a difference. This was and still is a cop-out.  Because the truth is without participating in the process, as futile as it seemed to be – I was as much part of the problem, as were many other non-voting liberals, democrats, radicals, or anyone else negatively affected by Republican policies.

And to prove that voting DOES MATTER – you only have to look at the Republican campaign to disenfranchise or weaken the Democratic vote

If it is true that the Senate is headed for a Republican takeover, we know they will soon be working in lock-step with the Republican dominated house.  We also know that  the Democrats don’t have enough unity or balls to be the same obstructionists as the Republicans have been since Obama first was elected. I mean, why bother, if their constituents don’t have enough cajones to support them in their elections.  So if we don’t want MORE and MORE war and everything else Republican and we don’t vote –  Who can we blame but ourselves?

The ONE thing that both Democrat and Republican constituencies can agree upon, outside of the 1 per cent, is that our country is “F’d” up economically, socially, and politically.  And with more than half of the electorate to blame, because they can’t be bothered with actually participating in Democracy, just complaining about it, something has got to give.  And do we really want to find out how much worse it can get?

If you are registered,then just effing vote, and if you aren’t encourage as many people who ARE registered to get out there and show our leaders our strength.  Consider that the American civil war, the Women’s suffrage movement, the fall of the Soviet Union ,the Egyptian Spring revolution,all came about by persons fighting for their right to be represented in politics, to have the right to vote in democratic elections. To them having this right was worth their life and safety.  And half the American electorate has been pissing this “right” away for decades.


Fearless Journal – Too much Mis-information or Why the World thinks the Americans are A-Holes

I was pondering on Excess – today’s Daily Prompt  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/no-excess/ and thought of the usual – conspicuous consumption, violence, global warming … you know all the cheery topics came to mind, but none were inspiring my inner rant at that particular moment.

And  Paddastoel, a visitor to the blog post – 
“Fearless Journal – The Choice – Them or U.S. – How the Everyday Citizen is Manipulated into Supporting War.” href=”https://riproarinrants.wordpress.com/2014/09/23/fearless-journal-the-choice-them-or-u-s-how-the-everyday-citizen-is-manipulated-into-supporting-war/”> came to my rescue.

In HER comment, she was well-informed and respectful of my opinions, so I didn’t get all hot and bothered with her when she mentioned that the majority of Americans support the actions of the U.S. government. But a rant started to bubble forth as I thought about how not only does the mainstream media/government of THIS country misrepresents the reality of other nations, but it does the same dis-service to the US of U.S., and to further scramble everything into a mess – the mainstream media/government of OTHER countries misconstrues our reality, by relying upon the lies of OUR media, to their people, as well as feed lies to their own people about THEIR domestic situation … and then those same lies head back to the US of U.S. And  this sickening swirly soup of deception is created which is destroying lives, economies, the environment, and whatever else serves the cause of Evil. As bloggers, we are a micro-media, and we have the opportunity to share sincere truths with other people around the world.The global mainstream media is doing us a GREAT disservice by spreading too much MIS information.

Paddastoel’s comment reads –  It seems that only a few Americans are starting to see what the rest of the world has accepted as fact quite a while ago. The fairness of it is an entirely different issue – however, war is currently crucial to your economy. The U.S. is attacking a number of foreign countries in the name of “democracy”.  

You can read the rest in the thread.



My Response –

Yes, I am aware of the oil-trade currency most likely being one of, if not, THE main reason why the U.S. government invaded Iraq in the first place, and has been itchy to attack Iran as well, as well as re-engage in these never-ending hostilities. This article provided by project censored – http://www.projectcensored.org/9-irans-new-oil-trade-system-challenges-us-currency/ explains it in detail. And yes, the main domestic industry that seems to be booming in this country is our military. And why wouldn’t it? As unemployment continues to grow, fear grows and hostility becomes a norm in the popular psyche. See http://www.nationofchange.org/it-s-fake-fake-fake-fake-world-1410107002 which explains how the media/government misrepresents the status of the U.S. economy, putting a positive spin on shitty.

This is EXACTLY why I am making this humble effort via Fearless Journal to share knowledge that can be used to loosen the stranglehold that fear has upon our lives. Both the mainstream media and the U.S. government are capitalizing on working Americans into an irrational panic – so they can carry on with the status quo of serving the 1%.

At this time, the U.S. government, is officially the demon child of the wealthy élite and the corporations, It is NOT a government of the people, the 99 per cent. The majority of Americans, including Republicans were outraged by 2 decisions made by the Supreme court, all of whom have appointed life-time positions, which has put every political campaign of ANY kind, whether it is for gun-control, labeling for GMO foods, or the election of a representative up for sale to the highest bidder. You can review these articles on Supreme Court Rulings on campaign contributions –
A couple of weeks ago, there was a vote in the Senate to create a constitutional amendment to undo the wrongs of the Supreme Court – it lost, with ALL Republicans voting against it, brazenly turning against the wishes of the MAJORITY of their constituency. Which is what they do best. They are the whores of the 1 per cent, or actually 1 per centers, themselves.

My friend, do not be under the illusion that ANY government actually serves the people, including yours, wherever you live. Governments are a necessary evil for modern civilization, and their morality is a reflection of who is pulling the strings. The American people, as a whole, are NOT pulling the strings. We vote, we sign petitions, we protest, we sue, we boycott, sometimes we riot, we educate ourselves and so on and so forth. The “majority” live in cities which are for the most part antagonistic to much of the evil in which the U.S. government is involved. The problem is that the less populated states, whose constituencies are more interested in promoting a particularly hateful and fear-based semblance of Christianity, and keeping their hunting rifles, than they are about ANY OTHER political issue – so unscrupulous politicians say the right things to them and then create havoc in Congress and the Senate.

I wish, I were far away. But there really is nowhere to go … you can be sure that US. Government has certain nefarious agreements with the majority of governments on the planet, and the corporations which are based in those countries. As long as we conflate the PEOPLE with their Government which more likely than not misrepresents them at best or abuses them at worst, we will NEVER escape the mindset that believes that military aggression is a viable solution for conflicting interests.

Thanks for your insightful comments, and perhaps you would like to guest post on a topic, as you definitely are very well-informed and have a lot to say. Feel free to contact me if this is of interest to you.


Fearless Journal – The Choice – Them or U.S. – How the Everyday Citizen is Manipulated into Supporting War.

First  –  Our eyes are forced to witness the atrocities of our potential enemy.  The forced “confessions”  and beheadings of the James Foley and Steven Sotloff,  U.S. Journalists sufficed.  Never mind that as foreign correspondents in a war-zone, who were educated and skilled enough to earn such a position, they knew very well the risks that they were taking.  These journalists may have been unarmed, but mentally and psychologically they must have come to some sort of peace with the idea that every day they were dancing with death, working in an area that is so volatile and anti-American.  I truly doubt they would have supported a full-scale assault on the same innocent friends and colleagues they had made while working in these regions.  And they would know better than anybody, how a bombing campaign or boots on the ground would INFLAME Anti-American sentiments even among moderate groups, rather than squelch extremist terrorist groups.

Second – Our Media is flooded with political muckraking, and information overload about terrorists, where our leaders are hysterically calling for America to stand strong and show these Muslim Maniacs a lesson.  And those who are ill-informed and/or don’t have the time to research the history of the area, to fact-check the political analysis, to reflect upon the pros and cons of war in this region … we start to get uneasy … and the fears stirred up around us start to bond with the fears within us.

Third – Once FEAR within us is ignited, we as citizens do not need a rational reason to kill, to destroy, to cause havoc in a nation thousands of miles away, that basically is no threat to the U.S.  But as we continue to bash away at one Hornet’s Nest after another overseas … consider how we are continually harvesting the seeds of discontent and hatred of the U.S.    So as we FEAR, so we REAP.  We are colluding into creating our worst nightmare.  I.S.I.S. will use these bombing campaigns as membership drives to support their mission.  We are giving Muslims, once on the edge, once moderate, all the inspiration in the world to hate us.  Because we are UNWILLING to accept their humanity,

I find it deeply disturbing and interesting that both Bush and Obama entered into war during extremely difficult times during their administrations.  Obama’s credibility as a leader has been severely challenged even by those who voted him in TWICE.  Prior to 9-11, the country was in an economic malaise, his approval rating in the toilet.

Then these atrocious terrorist acts – occur out of the blue – almost like Deus EX Machina – helpful demons to stir up the pot of WAR – the thing that unites us as a nation and divides us from other nations is FEAR – the two-fer emotion.  It organizes the enemies into camps.  AT home Fear allows a domestic Enemy of my foreign Enemy to become my friend. (Redneck and Ignorant Hipster go hand-in-hand) Overseas – the former friends/allies who happen to be friends with my current enemy are now NEW enemies.  (Syrian rebel groups unite against American military and imperialist actions)

Life becomes a little simpler for the politicians and pundits, when everyone is divided into manageable coalitions of hatred.  They orchestrate our fears for better ratings, and increased political power to ultimately do whatever they please, because when we as a nation are whipped up into a FEAR FRENZY … we can be manipulated into making horrific choices.

As an example of how one’s personal fears (but in this case they are not illusory) can be manipulated to support the worst of ideologies, watch or read Sophie’s Choice starring Meryl Streep.  Spoiler Alert – This is the last scene of the movie, so if you haven’t seen it, the dramatic overall effect of the film will be compromised.  It is a film worth seeing, especially when contemplating how war, fears, and guilt can devastate even the human beings who “escaped” .

Short Clip – Sophie’s Choice – http://youtu.be/DZ9bht5H2p4

The Drumbeats are Getting Louder and I am getting a Migraine

The drumbeats of WAR are pounding again in the U.S. of A – It seems that Obama, our great diplomat, doesn’t have big enough cajones to withstand the rightwingnutter pressure to jump into the shitstorm cooked up by ISIS.

It’s frustrating to be an American – the kind that doesn’t love an Angry God, Guns Galore, and Guts and Gory. I want to know where do we – the under-represented, peace-loving Americans stand in all this?  Democracy or Republic – we who do not swoon to the tunes of war, must accept a certain responsibility for this Pitbull of a nation. Our-growling, panting, blood-thirsty hound of a military-industrial complex is in desperate need of obedience school. It is forever biting the hand, OURS, that feeds it.  But our global neighbors, like ISIS, get political kickbacks from taunting it.

ISIS knows, that the U.S. is always hungry for a fight, and it is counting on gathering as much “underdog” sympathy from its fellow pseudo-muslims at arms.  I say “pseudo” because, somewhere along the way these men, who call themselves muslim, forgot the basic premise of their religion – Islam means “peace.”  They are no more interested in spreading the word of God than the purported Jesus-lovers, who are loaded like Rambo and who would always shoot first before they ever turned any cheek.

Our government – of by the people, for the people – has been hijacked by the fossil-fueled corpo-RAT-o-crats.  What are we REALLY fighting for?  Does anybody really bother asking this question?  Are we fighting for the honor of James Foley and Steven Sotloff, two journalists?  Really? The same wingnutters who bang the war drums, who have been contemptuously spitting out the words – LIberal media  for decades since Watergate, are with ALL sincerity urging the country to fight on the behalf of journalists?  Wouldn’t it be more plausible that the rightwing was funding ISIS in its strategy of kidnapping and assassinating particularly problematic individuals in the “liberal media?”

Think of all the political and economic benefits that the  WarHawks are reaping from the terrorist activities of ISIS –

  • Increased instability in the middle-east results in the increased value of all stocks related to fossil fuels, weaponry, military equipment –  and What worth is a congressman without a healthy stock portfolio invested in the “American WAY” , a.k.a. a red-blooded war profiteer?
  • Less of those pesky “liberal media” folks.
  • “Liberal media” support of military action inspired by the sacrifice of their brother journalists.
  • Less money to spend on domestic expenses – the always problematic costs of education, healthcare, government regulation, infrastructure, environmental preservation/protection of this country and other services that Republicans have no use for in the public domain.
  • And more, more, more and forever more money to throw at war.
  • Forcing the ever-despised Obama to choke down his pacifistic words about withdrawing from Iraq and de-escalating U.S. military involvement in the region.

You may accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist – but it couldn’t be MORE perfect for the Warhawks, who are toasting each other as they drink wine as red as the blood of American soldiers, and innocent civilians slotted to serve their power lust.

But what about the rest of us?  What will we gain?

More American deaths?  More civilian deaths?

Our national debt is climbing forever upward hand-in-hand with our Karmic debt.

Miraculously, the Republicans forget about the national debt when there is a war to promote … when it comes to military action, the U.S. always has DEEEEP pockets.

And as the tax monies pour out to fuel the war machine – there is less and less left for the maintenance, let alone rebuilding of our country.

As our quality of life diminishes, due to lack of attention upon domestic issues, our fearfulness and hopelessness increases as we look out into our futures. What happened to the American dream?  It is flowing down the river Tigris, along with bodies and debris.

For the life, of me, which Americans will gain from any of this, besides a minority of shareholders in the military-industrial-complex?  And is that gain, a product of horror and mayhem, truly worth it?  What if every dollar they received, was literally soaked in blood … would they still accept it?  Or would they send out their housekeeper to collect the bloody bags and send them out to be laundered?

Where do we?  The peace-loving Americans stand?

And where did James and Steven stand?  Are we truly doing justice to their memory, by caving in to the brutally manipulative tactics of ISIS intent on dragging us into war, forever being cast as the villainous nation of INFIDELS?

What good results can we honestly expect when we are fighting fire with gasoline?

If you are as concerned as I am and seriously question the U.S.’s march toward war – visit this page and take part in this crucial political conversation via Moveon.org .