We Rant and we RAVE … but do we get anywhere?

This Blog is

1) Me saying – HELLO, anyone OUT THERE seeing/feeling what I see?

2) Dedicated to all of those who have seen through the veil and shuddered either with delight or disgust.

3) An open invitation to others to others have a particularly uniquely-skewed view on pretty much anything that they believe NEEDS to be aired out in the greater public.

– This is for people who have a bone to pick, an epiphany or an inspirational insight to  share but can’t be bothered with maintaining a blog.

4) Is an experiment in argument … can we rise above our egos and get to the meat of issues, passionately without losing our sensibilities?

I started this thing, and fingers-crossed it will take off … but there need to be places where people can stretch out their ideas, try on a different consciousness for size. I hope this will be “that” kind of place.

As far as I am concerned, to you I am Lizadeeza, my writing alter ego.  My opinions and views are based more upon my observation/experience of life, so I won’t be sharing my credentials with you to “impress” you.  But I include a picture of myself, just so you know – yes, I am a real person.  And I am hoping, real people, like yourself, will feel free to contribute to this “Art of Argument.”

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Liz. Good idea, for I guess most lands (countries, whatever) are not—ways not, as good (in a heck lot of sense) as they claim to be. Yet since this is more about American issues (and I’m not being one), I’ll stay put. Good luck, nevertheless. 🍸


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