The Truth about Trump – Relax, he doesn’t ACTUALLY Hate Mexicans!

I just answered this question on Quora, and thought I would share it with those of you who enjoy reading my Rips, Rants, and Roars: )  And for being such devoted followers, of course I added special extras for you : )  Graphics and additionally juicy/controversial commentary.  – Love Liza!

What does Donald Trump think about the US crumbling infrastructure?

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I would imagine, him being the product of a Real Estate Dynasty and carrying on the family business, that his whole vision for the presidency, is merely a massive BUSINESS opportunity for chums in the biz.  So CERTAINLY being a savvy business man, he is quite knowledgeable about the crumbling infrastructure.  And if he was a smart politician he would play to his strengths.

What is ludicrous, is his racism against Mexicans in particular, because there is NO DOUBT that his firms or firms of close business associates have hired massive amounts of illegal aliens over the years.

Idiot Americans do NOT connect the dots of this simple premise – Mexicans are flooding the borders BECAUSE there are jobs here. NOT legal jobs, but under-the-table jobs, primarily in Restaurants;  with poorly regulated factory labor; agriculture; and Trump’s own industry – construction, as well as hospitality (housekeeping, janitorial – the jobs many Americans think they are too good for – or at least expect minimum wage or more for – by they way they DEFINITELY SHOULD)

I am an interior designer, and I work with general contractors and developers, and if you don’t speak Spanish,  you are NOT going to get the best job done.  WHY because the primary laborers, including skilled labor are often Mexican, who often respect people more if they speak Spanish as well as English _ even if the workers are fully conversant in English. This is true, especially in the west, including Las Vegas, where Trump has built Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip. (Hospitality AND Construction – brought to you by the people of Mexico.  We should be thanking them, for giving us an opportunity to throw away our hard earned money on swanky suites and gambling!  How DARE they use their slave wages to feed their families, when we Americans NEED MORE to throw down the toilet!)

Now, I am not making the slur against the construction workers, that ALL of them are illegal aliens, because they aren’t.  But I will say, that you drive by many Lowe’s or Home Depots with a  vacant lot or field next to it, early morning 6 am to 8 am (Monday through Saturday)- you will see men dressed to work a long hard hot day of less-than-minimum wage  construction labor or at best, less than union wage (white people’s pay).

And it is rare that you will see a black or white face.  And it is rare that you will hear English being spoken.  Perhaps they are all from Spain?  Or Argentina? Or from another planet?

Do you want to be sure?  Start walking up to them with a clipboard of papers and a pen in your hand, as if you are ready to take a census.  Start asking them to fill out a government survey, and see how long they continue to hang out at that spot.

So … back to the question about Trump – HELL yeah, he knows about construction, but he is LYING about his hatred of Mexicans – Mexicans are the reason he and his family are wealthy beyond measure.  And do you want to elect yet ANOTHER Liar to the Whitehouse?

It is too bad he has had TERRIBLE political advice, because if he were smart – as I said he would play to his strengths – hiring hard working people to create personal wealth.  Sure, he has exploited people, but Jeez, hasn’t that been the American way since forever?  I mean how would the  Robber Barons have built the trans-continental railway, or turn-of-the-century (late 19th to early 20th Industrialist boom) construction was done?  Not with well-paid ANYBODY for sure!


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