We are already Embroiled in 3 Wars and the Republicans want to drag U.S. in a Fourth?! – WHY?! – Because Diplomacy is BAD for Business!

Okay, folks … time to wake up!

After months of earnest hard-working political efforts by OUR government, working shoulder to shoulder with friendly nations and Iran – we can breathe a sigh of relief that Iran will not become another nuclear state.  Nuclear BOMB that is.  Or can we?

Not if the Republicans have their way with the media.

The Republicans have millions of dollars from Sheldon Adelson and company for TV ads to throw mud on the deal. Republicans used their millions to smear the Affordable Care Act which gave millions of people access to health insurance; the Obama economic stimulus which kept U.S. unemployment from rising to Greek levels after the 2008 Wall Street collapse; and the military heroism of John Kerry, who got two decorations for bravery and three purple hearts. If Republicans could accomplish these smears with their millions, they think, why couldn’t they do the same with the Iran deal? Huffington Post – Can Republican’s Swiftboat the Iran Nuclear Deal?

You see, the Republicans’ mentality has NOT evolved since the 1950’s when WAR = Everything that is good and just in the world.  Subtext – War made them a shite-load of money.

Consider this historical lesson –

Once upon a time our country was GREAT, let’s say in the 1950’s through the early 1960’s – fat and happy from the spoils of WORLD WAR II. (The war that is most oft-described in mainstream media as the “good war.”)  It is an obvious, but little-discussed fact that the U.S. economy due to the wealth derived from colossal military contracts reaped great profits from WW II.  Read below – and you will see how the U.S. Secretary of War clearly tied the interests of business with war mobilization.

“If you are going to try to go to war, or to prepare for war, in a capitalist country, you have got to let business make money out of the process or business won’t work.” Secretary of War Henry Stimson made this comment in 1940 as preparations for World War II (1939–1945) gained momentum (quoted in Koistinen, p. 580). The global war would pit Allied forces, eventually composed primarily of the United States, Britain, China, and the Soviet Union, against the Axis powers consisting primarily of Germany, Japan, and Italy. U.S. businesses would play a key role in the mobilization efforts for war and the New Deal policies and programs would be largely curtailed. Funded by large military contracts, industry provided millions of new jobs and higher incomes than had been available through the Great Depression when millions of workers had lost their jobs or faced pay cuts. The mobilization effort focused on industry producing massive amounts of war goods including ships, tanks, arms, ammunition, and warplanes. Due to the strong U.S. public mood against international alliances, however, it took Roosevelt almost six years of lobbying with Congress, industry, and the public to begin earnest mobilization efforts.  Read more WW II Mobilization

Notice my highlight?  Do you see a recurring theme here – of MORE MONEY FOR WAR and LESS MONEY FOR PEOPLE at home?

Undoubtedly there were moral reasons to enter WWII, but those moral reasons weren’t compelling enough for the U.S. to enter until we were bombed in Pearl Harbor, and until millions of Jews had already been imprisoned in concentration camps and/or murdered.  We dragged our feet for years, but it seems that the business community had ALWAYS been chomping on the bit to enter the war, not for reasons of morality, though.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the Americans have learned ANYTHING from history.  Why?  Because Americans care NOTHING about history.  We are the ones that SEE the future, always forward-facing, chasing the better, the newer and improved versions of freedom-fighting. We never seem to learn from our mistakes.

For instance, how is it the Republicans whine and holler about the debt, when it is THEIR effing wars that are sucking our economy dry?Dollars that could be spent on rebuilding America are poured into destroying nations.

How much do these wars contribute to our debt? This is a NOT-HOT topic in the media because the most informative article I found was written nearly a year ago in Fiscal Times:

Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, told reporters (in September 2014) that the projected annual cost of $2.5 billion to $3.65 billion to conduct the new air strikes against ISIS hardly compares to the $77.7 billion spent during fiscal 2013 for Operation Enduring Freedom, most of which went for fighting in Afghanistan.  War Against ISIS will EXPLODE the U.S. Debt  (Read the whole article with your hands pressed to your skull or your head might explode as well)

We  can only imagine what our anti-ISIS efforts, launched practically a year ago have cost U.S. since that point.

Here is a handy little graphic to give you just a taste of what your tax dollars have been going to every day!


This is why Republicans don’t want to give you health care, or help students pay for college, or why they REALLY want to dip deep into Social Security, or why they want to CUT every government program allotted for educating, beautifying, conserving, feeding, Americans and America.  Because they have THEIR priorities and that is to pay for their WARS, that makes THEM and their Corporate constituents PLENTY of MONEY.  Don’t get me started on why they are so delusional that they value money over the quality of life of millions, if not billions of people, if you want to get global about it and the quality of life on this planet.  Another rant for another day!


If you are sick and tired of giving the government permission (via your silence) to flush your money down the toilet, as well as kill people and destroy nations, and cheat you and your children and children’s children (ad infinitum) of a better life here in America … consider signing the following petitions.

Defend the Iran Deal – Just Foreign Policy

Republican’s seek to Torpedo Iran Deal – MoveOn


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