What I want to BE when I grow UP … But what if I Don’t want to Grow UP? – Finding the Work you LOVE

In the last month, I have been engaged in Counter-revolutionary activity … that is working against my own self.  If there is anything I know about myself, is that I am EXTREMELY stubborn.  And if I don’t want to do a thing, or it is against my nature, I will, on purpose, do it badly.  I told myself, about a month ago, that perhaps the best thing for me would be to seek temp work in an office environment so that I could make a steadier paycheck.  And the reality of the situation – I don’t FIT into that world.  I am not heavily tattooed, nor do I have a need to declare my freak-flag ways with a sequined or feathered or desnudo apparel … I just don’t fit into the HIRE me – I AM a fabulous worker-be – paradigm.  Truthfully, I could give a Mousie’s derriere about many work situations.  Oddly, enough, though, once a business has taken me on in the past, via a temp agency, they want to hire me.  So even though I have too weird a resume to be appealing initially, IF I get past their choke-factor, I am appreciated for the hard-working, quality-minded, and supportive personality I have to offer every workplace I find myself working within.

NOTE to SELF – never share this blog with potential employer … sigh.

Anyway, because of my counter-revolutionary activities against myself, I have been feeling creatively out-of-sorts.   And the writing on my two blogs has gone by the wayyyyyside.  Not good.  So, in my attempts to rev myself back up to regular submissions – I offer a link to the blog I just completed addressing – breaking free from the job you hate to love … if that is something that is interesting to you – have at it!


And, of course, you can read part one – here –



For this blog … upcoming I have an amusing post planned that addresses sexism and the accordion.  Fer-reals!




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