WayWard Water – California Style

If you think the benefits of Fracking in particular, and Domestic Oil Drilling, in general – lowered gas prices, and maybe in the distant future less reliance on oil from the Middle East – outweigh the risks – consider what you put in your mouth these days.  Don’t worry, I am only talking about Food and Bottled Water ….

Blowjobs won't be directly affected.

Back on Track  to a Tangled Tale

California is in the midst of the third worst drought in recorded history.  Check out the California Drought Monitor (http://www.cadrought.com/drought-monitor/) and you will see that 50 per cent of the state is in “Exceptional Drought Condition” meaning, exceptionally BAD!


And California supplies close to fifty per cent of the nation’s vegetables, fruits and nuts, as well as being the home for numerous water bottling plants.

So what, YOU say?  You haven’t heard about any reductions in the food supply, due to the drought.

And you are right – California farmers are still cranking out the produce, in spite of their dry water resevoirs.  How? Because they are relying on alternate water sources.They are now pumping ground water to irrigate their fields.  (For More Deets on the Drought’s impact on CA ag – http://news.ucdavis.edu/search/news_detail.lasso?id=10978)


The Californian State Government has been working hand in hand with the Oil Industries to poison the state water supply unbeknownst to the public.  And as of April 20th, this once “illegal” dumping of toxic waste into 2500 wells has been codified into California law as an acceptable practice until February 2017, because, according to DOGGR (Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources) it is too “inconvenient” for the oil companies to discontinue their illegal practices.  So why not make them temporarily legal, until it is more “convenient” for them?  Never mind the fact that it might just be “inconvenient” at best and lethal at worst for Californians to drink water poisoned with toxic waste.


People  – Can I hear our beloved Corporate Mantra – PRIVATIZE PROFIT and SOCIALIZE COST?  

A lawsuit by Earth Justice – Alameda County, CA, on behalf of Sierra Club and Center of Biological Diversity is being waged against the California State Government to overturn the emergency ruling allowing the poisoning of the California water supply!  ( For more details refer to (http://www.smartenergyuniverse.com/category-blog/oil-and-gas/item/19483-lawsuit-seeks-to-halt-illegal-dumping-of-toxic-oil-waste-into-california-s-water-supplies )

Here is a Youtube Video related to the kind of Workshops the Industry had to seek exemptions to EPA’s safewater regulation, and a Fracktivist intervention.

Governor Jerry Brown the Environmentalist – cough, cough

Nice little hypocrisy here – on April 2,  2 weeks prior to the California State Government granting this little favor to the Oil Industry, Jerry Brown, called upon California residents to reduce their water usage by  25 per cent.


I suppose, if Californians, just stopped DRINKING the water, then at least 25 per cent of our use would be reduced. See  http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/01/us/california-water-restrictions-drought/

Well that would be GREAT news for Nestle and Coca Cola which are the leading bottled water producers in California are allowed to plunder Californian groundwater supply for THEIR profit and our LOSS. But wait, how can it be legal for two corporations to sell  water out from under Californians, while the state is in a drought?  (Read Mother Jones’ article on how the majority of bottled water comes from Drought stricken areas in the U.S. – http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/08/bottled-water-california-drought   It is a heart-warming tale of why CAPITALISM is GREAT for EVERYBODY!!!!!)  Could there be a connection to states having droughts, and them being major bottle water producers? Not a weather connection, but certainly an ANTI-SUSTAINABILITY and STUPIDITY connection, for profit OF COURSE!


Check out What Nestle’s SWISS CEO says about the Water/Human Rights connection starting at 2:07.

He states that – Basically considering water as a human right is an “extreme”  position.  According to him water should always have a market value.  He admits earlier, that water is THE most valuable resource in the world. So obviously it follows that he would prefer the “less extreme” position of it having a market value.  Does it bother anybody except me, that this creepy Swiss guy has so much control over the American Water supply for profit?  When is Nestle going to start bottling air?

 Should POISON WATER have a Market Value too?

But WAIT – The water bottling industry in California could ultimately be getting their bottled water from the groundwater supply that is being poisoned by the Oil Companies!!!   So I guess drinking bottled water is out as well! Bye-bye to Arrowhead and Crystal Geyser which are drained from the groundwater.  While Aquafina and Dasani are from the Californian Municipal Water Supply.  Just imagine, if you lived in California, you would be getting Aquafina and Dasani for nearly FREE by just turning on your faucet! BUT, if Californian water resevoirs are drying up – where is our Municipal water supply coming from?  Could we be coming full circle to the groundwater supply, again?

Gosh, there doesn’t seem to be any escaping those pesky toxic chemicals that our Oil Buddies are sharing with us!

And if that wasn’t enough — Besides dropping your Bottled water habit, you might just rethink eating fruit and vegetables altogether.

In a California state agency publication for farmers, it illuminates how IMPORTANT water is to agriculture –

The lettuce we buy each week at the grocery store is actually
composed of over 90% water, and the same goes for tomatoes, strawberries,
cucumbers, and many of our favorite fruits and vegetables.

Message to the Defenders of All Things Fossil Fuel

To those of YOU, who say – HEY, those Oil Companies claim to say that they are only polluting water that isn’t a source of drinking water.  (See above video, where Head jackass oil-guy explains to his  jackass compatriots how to get away with poisoning California Water – Oh those pesky, pesky regulations!)

But in DROUGHT conditions, water for drinking and water for irrigation will be always be the most easily accessible water ANYWHERE in the state.  So when one source dries up, you go elsewhere , even if that wasn’t previously a main water supply, correct? But what if the OTHER sources are poisoned, what then? Well, you can always pay for the use of  unregulated “filtered” oil-waste water, like some desperate farmers – See (http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-drought-oil-water-20150503-story.html#page=1).

Wow, aren’t those Oil Companies clever profiteers?! FIRST they poison the water, and then they “filter” it, and SELL it to farmers.  WHAT will they sell us next – the cure for the cancers that Americans get from drinking the bottled water and food they have poisoned?

But I am getting sidetracked from all the Delightfully Creative Evil-doing of Oil companies ….

Whether the water that the Oil Companies are poisoning NOW is a main water source for drinking or irrigation is IMMATERIAL – Who can say WHERE those water supplies will be as the drought continues?  If there is ANYTHING an Oil Company Flunky/Apologist should understand is that when a VALUABLE resource grows dry in one area, you pick up and go seeking it elsewhere – no matter HOW far you have to go.  And if you are willing to go to the ARCTIC for the less valuable resource of oil, how is it ILLOGICAL for farmers, water departments, regular people to go drilling a county or two over for access to fresh WATER – NECESSARY FOR LIFE when your original resource was dry?  It isn’t!

It certainly didn’t stop Switzerland based NESTLE to come ALL the way to California to drill for American Water and sell it back to U.S.  Nestle must think we are chumps for paying a Swiss Company $1.50 a bottle for water we could get for nearly free from our own taps.  And they would be right!  God bless the Creeprocrats and the American Nation that keeps them happily employed!

To those Whose Souls haven’t been Sucked Dry by Fossil Fuel Interests

Here are some petitions addressing several of the issues states above.
Please visit these links –

Earth Justice Petition to Demand the OVERTURN legislation allowing poisoning of CA Water till 2017

MoveOn Petition to Ban Fracking

 Petition to DEMAND to the right to know what the Proprietary Poisons are in Fracking Wastewater


 And if you would LOVE to Hate on Nestle and their lizard-eyed CEO Peter Brabeck sign this petition against water bottling in CA

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And give it some love and attention – or even some controversy.  Hell on the internet, any attention is worth something.


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