Would the Democratic Party Please CHANGE its Scratched Record? : The Ten Commandments for the Reluctant Democrat

So I am wondering if we should just come clean with ourselves America.  AMERICA – HELLO ARE YUUUUUU LISTENING!  Do we ACTUALLY want the responsibility of being a Democracy or do we just want to sit back as we become the befuddled masses ruled by a Monarchy of one of two families – the Bushes or the Clintons?  This is a question only YOU can answer — starting Thinking on it!

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I know that I am only preaching to the converted – to anyone following this, but if you would please share this post with your people … we need some Waking UP to do, of this Country AND its Politicians and its People.

Here the First 5 of 10 Commandments for Reluctant Democrats –

Because a Government is like anything else, you get what you put into it – Garbage in and Garbage Out – Although in the case of Washington D.C. – Too many voters forget to take OUT the garbage!

Unfair advantage of Reps vs Dems - voting

1) VOTE in ALL Elections –  All elections.  You think the Presidential race is the most important?  Sorry, wrong answer.  The most important is EVERY election.  Why? Because remember, the fewer A-holes in Federal  or  your State Congress, the better the nation or your state runs. Currently, our Federal Congress has more A-holes in it than a year of busy-days in a proctologists clinic.  So GET busy People – and start voting those jerks out! And voting decent folks in – make them EARN their money, instead of pimping you for yours!

Voter Apathy

And voting means figuring out the following AHEAD OF TIME

* How to get time off from work – F.Y.I. – It is illegal for an employer to refuse you time off to vote.
* How to get there.  Around election time, many non-profit organizations offer free transportation to your polls.  But in
order to take advantage of this, you need to sign up in advance.

And if you are UN-LUCKY enough to live in one of those Voter suppression states, (if you don’t know – Ask yourself is it a Red – Republican or Blue Democrat run – Chances are if there are primarily Republicans running the politics of your state, and have been for a while – Get ready to jump through some voter suppression hoops – like signing away your first born.  All kidding aside, you will need to do your homework NOW – get registered correctly ASAP, and check with your elections board to make sure you have ALL the information at least a month ahead of time … and check a week beforehand for any wiley changes of polling spots, etc.  Half the reason, Republicans get in is by pure trickery come election time.  They are counting on catching you unawares with your Panties or Jocks down by changing the election rules last minute.  Be PREPARED !

Unfair advantage of Reps vs Dems - voting2

2) BE INFORMED before you vote – This means reading. If someone tells you something on tv, don’t just believe what they say BECAUSE they are on tv.  Remember people on tv are often PAID to lie, so there is no incentive, besides their conscience (if they didn’t sell it already), to do otherwise.   And if it is in a political ad, all the more reason to check their facts, if any magically appear in the ad.  Check it out on the internet, google several sources, not just your favorite propaganda.  Does something sound fishy about the story/issue – Start actively wondering and wandering through the media to see what you can see.  We do have access to a LOT of truth, we just can’t count on the mainstream media – TV/Radio/Newspapers to consistently provide it to us – Why should they – They are supported by corporate interests, for the most part.  And irregardless what those red-faced fools on Faux TV say, these corporate interests are ANYTHING BUT, liberal.

Media Garbage IN -

Some Media Sources that are reliable and not the typical mainstream I check regularly.





3) KNOW your Politicians!  Know them BEFORE you vote them in, and WHILE they are doing their job.  They all have websites with that information –  Here is a good place to start finding out what they are up to ….


This link is for your Federal Representatives.  Your Homework is to find out who your state Representatives are.

WARNING – Before you heed my advice on the following – I suggest you make a separate email account JUST for email associated with the following.  This is easy, you can have multiple free gmail, hotmail, etc accounts.  I have an account set up just for correspondence to and from the following organizations.  And I would suggest NOT to sign up to the Democratic National Committee – They will send you  fundraising emails, EVERY DAY with horrible scare tactic headlines – Like … IT’s ALL OVER!! or WE ARE DOOMED!!!   As far as I am concerned the Democrats have ENOUGH money of mine to waste every year, until they start getting their priorities straight they are not seeing any $$$$ from me!  Better to send money to political action groups that SPECIFICALLY address/support your Issue.  Send it to the Dems and they take the money and run without a concern about fighting for what is important to you.

4)  SPEAK OUT effectively.  If you don’t have the time to call or write your Representatives,  I think you can manage the push-button democracy of signing a petition via any of these sites below.  On most of these sites you can search for the cause(s) you care about, and you don’t need to go through all the petitions.  If you get on their mailing lists, they will send you popular petitions that are making headway politically.  Petition-signing is one of the easiest AND most effective tools of democracy.  When a politician gets a petition addressed to him/her, they KNOW that their constituents are PAYING attention to their votes on that issue, and that their votes could be deal-breakers or makers for their constituents.  With the internet, the public has FULL access to a politician’s voting record, as well as the types of legislation they draft.  Politicians are like cockroaches – they do their dirty business in the dark, and the Internet is a BIG shining light on them.  Sign a petition heading for your representatives and see them run for cover if they are voting the wrong way.  Currently on the MoveOn site there are lots of petitions directed toward Republican politicians to allow their states access to Federal Monies from the Affordable Health Care Act.  I have seen responses from a number of State Representatives who agree that the citizens from their state, such as Missouri shouldn’t be given the short end of the stick, because their Republican politicians are rabidly dogmatic, and would rather see their constituents sick and/or dead than accept money from the Federal government, thanks to “Obamacare.” Here’s hoping their cheating their popular constituency of health care is the ideological rope that strangles their future in politics.

Check these petition sites out and feel how good it is to exercise your Muscles of Democracy!





For international petitions check out –  http://www.avaaz.org/en/

5)  BE ACTIVE – Once you get a “taste” of Democratic power, you may get hungry for more. These days with the internet you can get active by simply joining an organization that addresses your issue and seeing how you can support their work, through volunteering, money, rallies, a huge number of ways.

Some of the few organizations  that seem to be on the sensible side of some hot-button issues –

Gun Control –

Moms Demand Action  – http://momsdemandaction.org/   and their story … just regular Moms becoming activists and forcing change in gun laws  http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/09/moms-demand-action-guns-madd-shannon-watts-nra

Social Security –    http://www.socialsecurityworks.org/

Americans for Financial Reform – addresses Campaign Finance Reform –   http://ourfinancialsecurity.org/

Environment and its Relation to Public Health:  Food and Water Watch –    http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/

Racism in America : Color of Change – I had trouble accessing the website but you can see what they are doing via  twitter  which will take you to their website – https://twitter.com/colorofchange

Environment and Climate Change/Chaos: http://www.sierraclub.org/

So that should keep you folks busy! Enjoy your newly strengthened Muscles of Democracy!


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