Gun Laws ala Americana – When Government Goes VERY wrong

It seems there are three types of Americans – Pro-Gun-Nuts; Anti-Gun-nuts; and those who seem to think there is a middle ground between the two.  I am proudly in the camp Anti-Gun-nut.  There’s nothing that makes me more irrational and hotted up than reading the latest legislation to promote All-American gun-idiocy.  (And considering how crazy-mad I get about this issue – the Gun Nuts should be counting their lucky bullets that I despise the idea of using a gun to prove a point.)

For some reason, the one’s who scream the loudest about maintaining their “state’s rights” … you know the right to opt out of affordable health care; or the right to discriminate against the LGBTQ community; these same folks are silent when it comes to states maintaining their hard-won right to maintain their newly enacted gun control laws.

Currently there is a legislation being considered in Congress that would federally mandate that ALL states honor other states’ conceal and carry laws, no matter how bassackwards those states are when it comes to gun control.

Just from North Carolina and Florida alone, there are 3,800 ex-cons holding concealed-carry gun licenses, and the government wants them to carry their guns unhindered by the laws of states with reasonable gun controls.  Everybody knows the saying – What they can’t see, can’t hurt them – and this is the  governmental logic that will forever prioritize the rights of gun owners over the safety of communities across the country.

If this steams you as much as it does me – please sign this petition created by

Just this past November 2014, Washington state passed gun legislation that removed the gun-show and online loophole, which allowed just any-old body to buy weapons without going through a pesky background check. NUT 3

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Up until I-594 was passed, Gun-shows and online sales were equal opportunity for convicts, domestic abusers, mentally ill, underage, and other folks who refuse to have their background checked to carry a lethal weapon.  This particular legislation is special, the majority of the country continues to allow everybody to buy a gun online or at a gun show without a background check. This is not surprising since most pro-gun laws throw reason to the wind.

See (

Over 5 million was spent to promote this legislation, and for once, money was spent to do the RIGHT thing.  So how many dollars will be spent by the NRA, and pro-NRA folks to UNDO the Washington law, and over-ride our states’ rights to deny criminals EASY access to weapons in our state?   Well, time will tell …. but give your Representatives a piece of your mind before we start living in a country – where anybody, and most likely the craziest and most criminal, will be carrying a concealed weapon, courtesy of the Federal law of the land.

I wish somebody, other than law enforcement, could answer me the question, rationally, why they feel they need to carry a hidden weapons on their person wherever they go?

Anti-social or paranoid, much?


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