My New BLOG is in TOWN

Okay, okay!  I have always hated the distinction of personal and political.  Truthfully, I don’t believe in that separation.  But at the same time, I understand why it exists, especially in the United States.  Our political life and our political discussions can get so cantankerous and controversial that we can end up hating our best beloveds without this artificial divide.

On the one hand, we realize that at the end of the day, it is best we get along as individuals, and neighbors and family members … and secretly we might prefer to live next to quiet (fill in the blank with your worst political enemy ________) who keep to themselves and know how to be a good neighbor, than our political compatriots who play their music too loud or park in our parking space, and make lewd comments or eyes at us or anyone else in our household.

At the end of the day – it is all about which rules are most important to be followed in which realm, and people are complex.  So we play this little dance, of being different selves with different people, according to what our commonground is …. the is how REAL people behave in the world.  Why can’t politicians behave that way?

Well, in the theme of divided realities, I have created a new blog

Survival Tips for the 21st Century: A Renaissance Woman Finds Her Way in the World

I created this separate place, so that I express myself with a different voice and in a more personal manner.  In this blog, the tone I have set, can sometimes be fairly raw … and I need to have a writing space where I can express the softer and more personal side of Lizadeeza.

So … I will continue writing my rants here …. trying to keep up to a weekly commitment, but I will also be trying to build up this new blog … so wish me well!



Your Rip, Roar, or Rant Here : )

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