America the Beautiful – Tell Your Politicians This is not YOUR Land to Pollute for Power and Profit!

The week before last Obama called the Congress to work with him on issues upon which they agreed.  One of those issues, which I believe ALL Americans agree, is the importance of preserving and protecting our natural spaces and environment.  Below is a video link produced by BBC that captures the incredible beauty of the Californian Gulf. ( I apologize for the lack of a more user friendly link – the Youtube link I initially placed in this post was removed by the user for some mysterious reason.  Possibly BBC wants people to visit its site rather than some Youtubers site)

California gulf

I look at this video and think, why do we continue risking this for oil – oil spills from drilling and tankers?  Forbes just posted an article that cites polls that American’s overwhelming want renewable energy over coal , oil, nuclear, and gas.  And this is due to our concern for our environment.

Yet, we as a nation are NOT making the investments toward the development of renewable energy infrastructure and technology.  Commercially and politically the nation continues to march inexorably forward with the development and production of dirty energies.  Why do we go in this direction as a nation with so much natural beauty to lose?  Americans know we are truly blessed having a country with such a magnificent heritage of natural parks and undisturbed habitat for flora and fauna.

The fact remains that as long as our democracy is run by big money – the welfare of the natural environment will be at a disadvantage. Thanks to the  majority Supreme Court’s rulings favoring the wealthy corporation or individual over the rest of U.S. when it comes to campaign finance – our environment is truly at risk. A good breakdown of the history of these rulings is here:

The earth beneath our feet, the skies above our heads, the water we drink, the wildlife we watch in wonder – NONE of these have a voice in Washington, nor cash in the bank.

Lotus Position

We as Americans HAVE to take up that responsibility … to be the voice, to be the power to protect what is precious to us.  Because our politicians won’t pay attention otherwise.  Some recent examples on BOTH sides of the political spectrum

code green

So … I close with a handful of worthy petitions that I encourage you to sign that reminds these politicians that – HEY this land is not YOUR LAND to pollute for profit and power!  And please pass these petitions on – they DO make a difference!

  • Is the testing of Military sonar equipment trump maintaining the healthy environment of the Pacific for whales and dolphins?  The U.S. government seems to think it does – MORE of our tax dollars wasted to destroy life of all forms.





2 thoughts on “America the Beautiful – Tell Your Politicians This is not YOUR Land to Pollute for Power and Profit!

    • There is a LOT of brilliance out there, and well including some humor into the mix of what can be so maddening to digest – politics … blech … helps me and I hope helps those reading to to take things into perspective.


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