Post – Modern battle between David & Goliath : Elizabeth Warren takes on the U.S. Banking System –

There were fireworks in Washington D.C. last week . No there wasn’t a holiday. It was the fall-out from Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren verbally ripped into Citigroup and its historical corrupting influence in Washington.  Citigroup has been front row and center to the crafting of Federal banking policy since the Clinton administration.  Ms. Warren goes through this intimate corporate/government relationship in the following video.


Citigroup and Gov ties graphic

Well, long story-short, after Ms. Warren’s chastising – we are at status quo, one big love fest between the government and Citigroup.  Here is a small thing YOU can do to let the folks up in the Capitol that you DO NOT APPROVE of their illicit relationship financed by your tax dollars.  Sign the petition below to demand that Obama replace the present under-secretary to the treasury, whose proud resume includes advising Burger King to undergo corporate inversion.

B_King cartoon

Burger King is now owned by Brazilian Company – 3D – and could give a DAMN about the Americans it underpays and profits from.

This means that Burger King merely was advised by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway to merge with a foreign company (Tim Horton of Canada) so it can Presto-CHANGO become Canadian, and thus free itself of the burden of paying American Corporate taxes.  Never mind that the King was born here, he is renouncing his citizenship.  And never mind MOST Of the King’s profits that made it into the Behemoth of junk food it is today came from the US … The King is doing a slam-bam-thank-you-Mam to the American consumer and hiding out North of the Border. Leave it to a KING to treat the Americans like peasants. I can tell you one thing, I will NEVER set foot in a Burger King again.  But that is another petition/boycott to come.

The March of Entitlement – Back in the day of Occupy Wallstreet


I have been an active commenter on a number of sites for a few years now, and am impressed with how a good debate can get even right-wingers or liberatarians to start to come to the table and start having a reasonable conversation where we are seeing eye-to-eye on certain issues.  And one of the issues that is becoming a point of agreement is that EVERYBODY hates the banks, people, conservative, tea-party left, liberatarian, green and progressive … the 99 per cent of the population that is.

And this is something that the Democratic party  needs to seriously consider if they don’t want to hand the WHOLE of the country over to the Republicans in two years.  It isn’t that their democratic constituency doesn’t care about the DIREction of the country but rather, they just see the Democrats who are running by and large acting Republican-lite when it comes to dealing with policies associated with anything from corporate oversight and regulation to ending corporate tax loopholes and legacy corporate subsidies.  And what does the Democratic constituency do when their leaders fail them?  They vote with their feet AWAY from the ballot box.  We saw it this fall, with the loss of the Democratic-majority senate.  Democrats are purists.  We want our leaders to walk their talk.  The Republican constituency may be satisfied with lies and doubletalk, but Democrats are not.  Democrats are a complex bunch, but what we can agree on is that we have had ENOUGH of corporations stealing our government with OUR taxdollars!

And what troubles me, is that the Democratic party is soooo incredibly out of touch that they don’t get how outraged the American public has been about the bank bail-outs for gambling with their money.  So out of touch that Hilary Clinton is thought to be the shoo-in for the Democratic Presidential race.

The same Hilary Clinton, whose history is tied to the Whitewater banking scandals of the 80’s is .  And can we not forget that she was first lady when the whole banking deregulation began with the destruction of Glass-Steagall act that had prohibited banks and securities from operating under the same roof.  Either the Democratic party is intent upon self-destruction or they are so wrapped up in corruption that it will take a popular revolution against the whole government for them to reconsider their ineptitude at serving their constituency.

When reading the comments from the above video, I noticed that there is a sizeable anti-Hilary contingent in the left. They see her as  in bed with the banks and the frackers, as well as being a war-hawk. And people have been saying that Hilary is not a valid choice and will either sit out the election or write in a candidate rather than vote for her.

I think what Democratic leaders NEED to understand these days is that the majority of their constituency will NOT vote PERIOD unless they are authentically representing the issues that people care about. This is why we lost the Senate – too many Democrats are Republican-lites and are tragically out of touch with their constituency. And this is why people are getting excited about Elizabeth Warren, both Left and Right – because there are so few politicians on either side that actually are walking their talk when it comes to serving the interests of the people and taking on the the corporatocracy that is consuming America as we speak. Elizabeth Warren is our “David” fighting our Goliath (the Banks).


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