WHAT U can DO! – Keeping the US from Falling into Fascism or the “Good OL Days” – Republican Style

Scroll to the Bottom of this Post for links – if you are anxious to Save Our Democracy  and do something and don’t have time to read this post – Go ahead scroll, I won’t be offended, I promise!

My last post was decidedly apolitical – from a soggy-hearted state of mind.  But no “broken” heart would close to my despair if the U.S. becomes MAJORITY Republican in both the House and the Senate.  Can I hear a collective MOooooooooooooooooooAN!  And GROOOOOOAAAAN!?Vote As if

I think I would feel the same way I felt when Bush-Baby got elected the second time.  Thank GOD, I was vacationing in lovely Antalya, Turkey and soaking in the sun and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, when that happened.  Perhaps if I were in the US at the time, I would have taken full advantage of my 2nd amendment rights and gone Postal. Seriously, not really – I am a Gun Control NUT, by the way.  (And for those in Washington state – YES on 594, and NO on 591)

But I digress – only slightly – the is a big deal election, that many voters may be sitting out – and it is CRAZY to do so – as there is much at stake.  Nationally – we could be going backward in time – to whenever the Republicans think were the “good ol’ days” – probably the 50’s when: women had no economic power; and people of color drank at different water fountains from the whites:  White men were the ONLY option for president; when the Arab states were ALL ruled by the dicatators of our choice;  smoke from a factory just signfied – INDUSTRY, JOBS, GROWTH – rather than Climate Chaos;  animals were to be eaten or taken for a walk, rather than protected; marijuana made you MAD/crazy/out of control and meth was just something to keep the housewives happy while losing weight; when smoking made you “cool”;   Big agriculture was spraying DDT on our food crops;  when the Jones’ competed with their neighbors as to who would build the biggest and best supplied nuclear bomb shelter in their backyards or whose child responded to the bomb drills the quickest; when speaking one’s mind against the government guaranteed one being blacklisted from work and socially shunned as a commie-pinko.

THOSE were the good ol’ days – when the GOVERNMENT had such control over its message and secrets that J. Edgar Hoover could be a transvestite, and JFK could be a worse houn’ dog than Bill Clinton – and America was none the wiser.  And of course all the actual political shenanigans that our leaders were up to – well, as far as our government was concerned – What the American people didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt us.

Does this attitude sound slightly familiar to you?  Hasn’t some authority figure in all of our lives said this to us at one point or another?  When WAS that, exactly?  Hmmmm …. riffling though the memory data banks … let’s see – I think my DAD said this to me, when I was a kid … PLENTY of times, and my Grampa, and my Gramma, maybe.

Okay, so the “GOOD OL’ DAYS” were NEVER the good days for the majority of the citizenry – only for the élite and powerful.  Those were the days of unchallenged power, of total opacity, of unmitigated and rampant corruption – unseen and undetected until generations later – the way THEY prefer things to be.  When some politician pines away for the “good ol’ days” – he or she is basically saying – I want to go back to the days of unchallenged government corruption and oppression.  THIS ideal state of governmental control, when the citizenry followed government rules like sheep to the slaughterhouse … this is where I want us ALL to return!

And you know what – with the Republicans selling off our government to the highest bidders courtesy of their conservative Supreme Court Judges selected by Republicans for RICH Republicans … well they just MIGHT get some of what they want.

Pile of MoneyJPG

And because I dread this so much, I have been devoting every morning to acting as call support for Move ON callers to get the message out to like-minded voters to – GET OUT and VOTE!!!  The states they are focusing on are Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, Michigan, Kentucky North Carolina, and New Hampshire.  It is difficult to believe, that these states, which constitute such a small portion of our total national population and economic power will determine in which direction this country will go.  Do we have a snowball’s chance in hell to get out of the mucky-mucky that Republicans have been digging us into since Bush? Or LESS than a snowball’s chance in Hell with the Republicans at the helm coercing Obama with threats of government shut-downs if they the Repiglicans can’t get their way.

Please for the love of all that is sane … if you haven’t registered, please find someone or twenty someones and encourage them to vote!  And if you are feeling particularly fired up, consider assisting one of these following organizations or campaigns with making calls.  You don’t need to go anywhere.  The system is totally automated and forwards the calls to your phone (And NO, the people you call won’t know your phone # or location or identity, unless you tell them).  And the phone numbers are culled from progressive voting roles, where voters vote in Presidential campaigns but miss other voting opportunities.

So EVEN if you aren’t registered – you can play a part in influencing voters to vote in these important campaigns, giving them good information!

Here’s the info –  for Move ON    http://pol.moveon.org/2014calls/home_shift_signup.html?&source=taf

The Progressive Change Committee’s call-out-the-vote campaign is broader ranged – covering more states and candidates than Move ON.            http://act.boldprogressives.org/survey/COTV_2014/?source=CallOutTheVote.com

In Washington State – the big deal is strengthening gun-control laws. To help with this issue contact Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility https://www.facebook.com/WashingtonAllianceforGunResponsibility

YES on 594

 And Now Oregon is trying to do what its neighbors Washington and California couldn’t do – Mandate that all foods all Genetically Modified Foods sold in Oregon be labeled so that Oregonian consumers are fully informed of what they are buying AND eating!

Contact Oregon Right to Know to help : http://oregonrighttoknow.ngpvanhost.com/form/-4582123058710116608?ms=E.V-O-VOLN.NATIONAL.MAIN_SIGNUP









2 thoughts on “WHAT U can DO! – Keeping the US from Falling into Fascism or the “Good OL Days” – Republican Style

  1. “So this is how democracy dies: Face-down in a pile of money!”

    I was actually glad to see you over on my side. I was wondering if you would consider the minimum 950 words over the 26 days? I would really love to see you there and I think you would enjoy the first motion!


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