Art Break – When the Beats keep coming on Down

For a few days now – Not really feeling it.  Feeling silent … and just sad.  I called up a friend and left a voice message saying –

“I don’t know if I have just been missing the sun. Or if it is just my sucky life.”

Each day, I have a different perspective on how lucky or unlucky I am.  And seeing that nothing major has changed from one day to the next – I have realized that how I am actually is nothing more than a matter of my opinion at the time. It is absolutely random and ridiculous.  Thing is, living isn’t meant to be all sunshine and daisies, and in the U.S. we shame ourselves for not having MILE WIDE smiles at all times, in spite of Everything.

My present gloom,  all started – a couple of days ago, when I started thinking deep about Ebola, not in a frantic sort of way – but morbidly curious about how it will all play out.  It is interesting how the media plays up the negative consequences of inter-connectivity on a global scale.

Plenty of people worry about global-warming, but I cynically think that Mother Nature in her brutal wisdom, may not give humanity the luxury of another 50 odd years to continue its destruction of the planet.  I have no doubt that the planet will ultimately be fine, but that humans will be the ones to regret their destructive habits and the ones to pay for their careless ways.

What can we do?  Especially when so many are in denial – Those that are too busy saving the world with war or  capitalism or a warped view of religion.  Maybe they have a new planet set up somewhere as a destination get away?  Oh, that’s right – that is what heaven is for.  The alternate reality with angels standing outside as bouncers behind velvet ropes.  And somehow only the people who trashed the planet are allowed inside?

What IS there to do?

First of all, we need to wake up!

Focus on the present moment.   And focus on the good and the great in us and each other, our creative abilities to transform the ugly, the desperate, the cruel, the brutal into  lessons, into awareness, into artful understanding.  To go from tears to laughter, like children.

And to Live out loud and proud!  Dig into your soul, pour it out.  Living your truth is a revolution.

(When I am really frustrated – dancing like a madwoman often helps)

If you want to take back your power – you can breathe and listen with eyes closed to the Godfathers of Rap – when rap was first  revolutionary.  (Warning – doesn’t mix well with Yoga)

Public Enemy circa 1988 –It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back –  No Bling no, no Babes, no B.S. here!


And for an insightful – “don’t believe the hype” musical conversation on the War on Terror check this out –

UK Hip-Hop Online Show – Combining Crazy Beats with Controversial


In the midst of the doom … all I can say is – hold tight and fight the gloom.  As long as we are here, we still have some living and loving to do!



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