Fearless Journal – Too much Mis-information or Why the World thinks the Americans are A-Holes

I was pondering on Excess – today’s Daily Prompt  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/no-excess/ and thought of the usual – conspicuous consumption, violence, global warming … you know all the cheery topics came to mind, but none were inspiring my inner rant at that particular moment.

And  Paddastoel, a visitor to the blog post – 
“Fearless Journal – The Choice – Them or U.S. – How the Everyday Citizen is Manipulated into Supporting War.” href=”https://riproarinrants.wordpress.com/2014/09/23/fearless-journal-the-choice-them-or-u-s-how-the-everyday-citizen-is-manipulated-into-supporting-war/”> came to my rescue.

In HER comment, she was well-informed and respectful of my opinions, so I didn’t get all hot and bothered with her when she mentioned that the majority of Americans support the actions of the U.S. government. But a rant started to bubble forth as I thought about how not only does the mainstream media/government of THIS country misrepresents the reality of other nations, but it does the same dis-service to the US of U.S., and to further scramble everything into a mess – the mainstream media/government of OTHER countries misconstrues our reality, by relying upon the lies of OUR media, to their people, as well as feed lies to their own people about THEIR domestic situation … and then those same lies head back to the US of U.S. And  this sickening swirly soup of deception is created which is destroying lives, economies, the environment, and whatever else serves the cause of Evil. As bloggers, we are a micro-media, and we have the opportunity to share sincere truths with other people around the world.The global mainstream media is doing us a GREAT disservice by spreading too much MIS information.

Paddastoel’s comment reads –  It seems that only a few Americans are starting to see what the rest of the world has accepted as fact quite a while ago. The fairness of it is an entirely different issue – however, war is currently crucial to your economy. The U.S. is attacking a number of foreign countries in the name of “democracy”.  

You can read the rest in the thread.



My Response –

Yes, I am aware of the oil-trade currency most likely being one of, if not, THE main reason why the U.S. government invaded Iraq in the first place, and has been itchy to attack Iran as well, as well as re-engage in these never-ending hostilities. This article provided by project censored – http://www.projectcensored.org/9-irans-new-oil-trade-system-challenges-us-currency/ explains it in detail. And yes, the main domestic industry that seems to be booming in this country is our military. And why wouldn’t it? As unemployment continues to grow, fear grows and hostility becomes a norm in the popular psyche. See http://www.nationofchange.org/it-s-fake-fake-fake-fake-world-1410107002 which explains how the media/government misrepresents the status of the U.S. economy, putting a positive spin on shitty.

This is EXACTLY why I am making this humble effort via Fearless Journal to share knowledge that can be used to loosen the stranglehold that fear has upon our lives. Both the mainstream media and the U.S. government are capitalizing on working Americans into an irrational panic – so they can carry on with the status quo of serving the 1%.

At this time, the U.S. government, is officially the demon child of the wealthy élite and the corporations, It is NOT a government of the people, the 99 per cent. The majority of Americans, including Republicans were outraged by 2 decisions made by the Supreme court, all of whom have appointed life-time positions, which has put every political campaign of ANY kind, whether it is for gun-control, labeling for GMO foods, or the election of a representative up for sale to the highest bidder. You can review these articles on Supreme Court Rulings on campaign contributions –
A couple of weeks ago, there was a vote in the Senate to create a constitutional amendment to undo the wrongs of the Supreme Court – it lost, with ALL Republicans voting against it, brazenly turning against the wishes of the MAJORITY of their constituency. Which is what they do best. They are the whores of the 1 per cent, or actually 1 per centers, themselves.

My friend, do not be under the illusion that ANY government actually serves the people, including yours, wherever you live. Governments are a necessary evil for modern civilization, and their morality is a reflection of who is pulling the strings. The American people, as a whole, are NOT pulling the strings. We vote, we sign petitions, we protest, we sue, we boycott, sometimes we riot, we educate ourselves and so on and so forth. The “majority” live in cities which are for the most part antagonistic to much of the evil in which the U.S. government is involved. The problem is that the less populated states, whose constituencies are more interested in promoting a particularly hateful and fear-based semblance of Christianity, and keeping their hunting rifles, than they are about ANY OTHER political issue – so unscrupulous politicians say the right things to them and then create havoc in Congress and the Senate.

I wish, I were far away. But there really is nowhere to go … you can be sure that US. Government has certain nefarious agreements with the majority of governments on the planet, and the corporations which are based in those countries. As long as we conflate the PEOPLE with their Government which more likely than not misrepresents them at best or abuses them at worst, we will NEVER escape the mindset that believes that military aggression is a viable solution for conflicting interests.

Thanks for your insightful comments, and perhaps you would like to guest post on a topic, as you definitely are very well-informed and have a lot to say. Feel free to contact me if this is of interest to you.



8 thoughts on “Fearless Journal – Too much Mis-information or Why the World thinks the Americans are A-Holes

  1. Thanks for your support! It means a lot! It seems that this post may be the first of another category, because Paddastoel, has sent me another thoght-provoking comment. And it looks like I need to respond to HER. That’s right, I incorrectly assumed (wiping Egg off face – and wondering about my inner misogynist) that SHE was a HE. So I need to rectify that situation …. (Those reading this comment in the future will see the corrections and be wondering – What the HELL?)


  2. P.S. As a complete side bar – my husband is making me watch all the Transformers movies again before we watch the new one. In the second movie, I found the dialogue between Optimus Prime and the government agent exceptionally interesting. The agent indicated that the White House had not sanctioned their actions and asked whether, if the President determined that the AutoBots presented a threat to national security, they would leave (EARTH) peacefully. It seems that even your movies don’t acknowledge that there are actually other governments in this world and imply that your government (note that I do not say your people) has the right to make decisions for the entire planet.

    Like I said, just a side bar…


    • Ha-ha … Unfortunately, I think our movies/tv shows have more influence on the American mind than government policy. And do not get me wrong, I think there is wide-spread ignorance within the U.S. – much of our public education is piss-poor, unless one is lucky enough to live in a wealthy area. As far as Americans not knowing about the rest of the world … there is VERY LITTLE discussion of the world … in education PRIOR to college. And you can’t tell me that there isn’t a government funded conspiracy to keep the majority of the citizens in the dark about the world – so the government can easily spin its lies to justify its militaristic actions, etc. I don’t know who first said this but here goes – The oppressor always knows less about the oppressed, than the oppressed knows about the oppressor. – : / And yes, it is totally based upon arrogance.


  3. Mmm. Maybe you should fix that… The no discussions about the rest of the world prior to college. I am all for the “help yourself” idea (reminds me that I still need to finish my post on the function of government). You don’t have to rely on public education. Again why I feel so strongly about promoting the domestic worker sector. I have an au pair and a domestic worker / cleaning lady. My au pair’s son is ill with the measles, so I gave her two weeks off. I can’t wait for her to come back (she doesn’t sleep in) because I think that nannies give you the opportunity to be a better parent. When you spend time with your kids, you are more relaxed and more inclined to give them your full attention. Plus, my nanny has a high school education and she was raised in a home by parents who share our culture an values, so she actually does a great deal of the education of my child. Which is what this whole tangent is about – how about, instead of complaining about the attrocity your government (and mine) call public school systems, why don’t your country’s parents do something about it? I realize private school is beyond most people’s means. But you COULD ask people from other countries to teach interactive virtual classes. Start discussing politics (and yes, religion) in your homes. No problem is insurmountable. The only thing that limits solutions is creativity 😉

    This wasn’t meant to sound as preachy as it does. Oi.


    • Well, ironically the very parents that have the time to these things are the one’s that live in school districts which are more world aware. Truthfully, I was speaking about the poor and working poor. Even middle class parents don’t have time to spend with their children, both are usually working 40 + hours a week, and the rest of the time is spent just trying to handle the rest of their lives. Only the wealthy or upper middle class which is fast disappearing, or people living close to family, and emotionally close to their family have the luxury of childcare within the home. Afterschool programs are more entertainment oriented. Seriously our culture is a mess, and very ANTI-family. But there IS a growing homeschool movement, which is heartening. But much of that is fundamentalist Christian – and those folks are pretty much supportive of all military attacks on other “Godless” nations. This is fundamentalist, not Christian denominations across the board in America. I finally visited your website, by the way, and left a comment. I have an idea of a joint post that I would like to work on with you if you are willing. If so, click my gravatar icon – and you will see my contact info. Take care : )


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