Fluff and Stuff – Food or Friend?

Here’s lighter fare than  the heavy relevations of my last post – Whew …  a break from the ghosts of childhood past ; / woooooooo weee!

This is my brief response to the DAILY PROMPT –
If you had to come up with one question, the answer to which would determine whether or not you could be friends with a person you’ve just met, what would it be? What would the right answer be?

This sounds like an “interrogation” tactic –  of which I don’t approve of being the subject, nor the conductor..  Usually, when I meet a person, I just pay attention to who they are in front of me.  First time meetings are often the most revealing  because your relationship is a  tabula rasa – upon which you both start painting.  Whether it becomes as a sketch piece that ends up crumpled in the trash, an overly sentimental trite work that you contribute to your neighbor’s garage sale, or a masterpiece that you would station guards around for safekeeping – is up to the BOTH of you.

But with that said – I would ask what food, besides their national dishes, do they like to eat?

This would apply only, of course, to people who actually have access to a variety of national cuisines – made well.  (In Italy Chinese food is abysmal, by the way – So don’t look askance at an Italian in Italy that hates Chinese food)

Why is this question significant to me?Seattle-Martyr Sauce

Our relationship to food reveals a lot about how we relate to life :

  • A limited diet by choice unrelated to health concerns can often indicate a limited or prejudiced mind, possibly a fearful mind.
  • Eating is a sensual experience – consider, the colors, the flavors, the aromas, and  the textures. The depth of our appreciation of all of this reveals how appreciative and observant one is of life in general
  • Eating is a MAJOR fun-time activity, not taking full advantage of this … indicates that someone is either anti-fun or just plain boring.

I think that is enough to figure out whether a person has a tendency to be  anal/closeminded, ho-hum/snoozey, and/or kind of a drag to be around, and this leads to the decision of whether their friendship would be a PLUS or MINUS in your life.



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