Fearless Journal – The Choice – Them or U.S. – How the Everyday Citizen is Manipulated into Supporting War.

First  –  Our eyes are forced to witness the atrocities of our potential enemy.  The forced “confessions”  and beheadings of the James Foley and Steven Sotloff,  U.S. Journalists sufficed.  Never mind that as foreign correspondents in a war-zone, who were educated and skilled enough to earn such a position, they knew very well the risks that they were taking.  These journalists may have been unarmed, but mentally and psychologically they must have come to some sort of peace with the idea that every day they were dancing with death, working in an area that is so volatile and anti-American.  I truly doubt they would have supported a full-scale assault on the same innocent friends and colleagues they had made while working in these regions.  And they would know better than anybody, how a bombing campaign or boots on the ground would INFLAME Anti-American sentiments even among moderate groups, rather than squelch extremist terrorist groups.

Second – Our Media is flooded with political muckraking, and information overload about terrorists, where our leaders are hysterically calling for America to stand strong and show these Muslim Maniacs a lesson.  And those who are ill-informed and/or don’t have the time to research the history of the area, to fact-check the political analysis, to reflect upon the pros and cons of war in this region … we start to get uneasy … and the fears stirred up around us start to bond with the fears within us.

Third – Once FEAR within us is ignited, we as citizens do not need a rational reason to kill, to destroy, to cause havoc in a nation thousands of miles away, that basically is no threat to the U.S.  But as we continue to bash away at one Hornet’s Nest after another overseas … consider how we are continually harvesting the seeds of discontent and hatred of the U.S.    So as we FEAR, so we REAP.  We are colluding into creating our worst nightmare.  I.S.I.S. will use these bombing campaigns as membership drives to support their mission.  We are giving Muslims, once on the edge, once moderate, all the inspiration in the world to hate us.  Because we are UNWILLING to accept their humanity,

I find it deeply disturbing and interesting that both Bush and Obama entered into war during extremely difficult times during their administrations.  Obama’s credibility as a leader has been severely challenged even by those who voted him in TWICE.  Prior to 9-11, the country was in an economic malaise, his approval rating in the toilet.

Then these atrocious terrorist acts – occur out of the blue – almost like Deus EX Machina – helpful demons to stir up the pot of WAR – the thing that unites us as a nation and divides us from other nations is FEAR – the two-fer emotion.  It organizes the enemies into camps.  AT home Fear allows a domestic Enemy of my foreign Enemy to become my friend. (Redneck and Ignorant Hipster go hand-in-hand) Overseas – the former friends/allies who happen to be friends with my current enemy are now NEW enemies.  (Syrian rebel groups unite against American military and imperialist actions)

Life becomes a little simpler for the politicians and pundits, when everyone is divided into manageable coalitions of hatred.  They orchestrate our fears for better ratings, and increased political power to ultimately do whatever they please, because when we as a nation are whipped up into a FEAR FRENZY … we can be manipulated into making horrific choices.

As an example of how one’s personal fears (but in this case they are not illusory) can be manipulated to support the worst of ideologies, watch or read Sophie’s Choice starring Meryl Streep.  Spoiler Alert – This is the last scene of the movie, so if you haven’t seen it, the dramatic overall effect of the film will be compromised.  It is a film worth seeing, especially when contemplating how war, fears, and guilt can devastate even the human beings who “escaped” .

Short Clip – Sophie’s Choice – http://youtu.be/DZ9bht5H2p4


9 thoughts on “Fearless Journal – The Choice – Them or U.S. – How the Everyday Citizen is Manipulated into Supporting War.

  1. Too funny! So it only makes sense that the male-dominated congress is so hot and bothered to go to war! Not that women don’t like sex, but we often prefer cuddling which is more conducive to keeping both our peace of mind (rather than ass) and Virginity intact.


  2. Although I can’t agree with you that any person working in a war-torn territory will quite “accept” the likelihood of death (we all get scared at some point, it is a basic survival instinct), I do agree with most of your post. There are some very credible people out there asking very tough questions at the moment…


    • I agree, I doubt the men were in the spiritual mindset of total acceptance of the horrors that might befall them if they ventured into a warzone. But I don’t think they were naive of them. Journalists in a war zone are like any public servant who makes a choice to take the risk of losing their life, for a “greater” cause. I put “greater” in parentheses, because “greater” is a subjective thing. Soldiers make the same sacrifice for our country, but I don’t necessarily believe that their participation in wars that will intensify the problems of a country rather than solve them is “greater” than them staying home to be with their families.


      • It seems that only a few Americans are starting to see what the rest of the world has accepted as fact quite a while ago. The fairness of it is an entirely different issue – however, war is currently crucial to your economy. The U.S. is attacking a number of foreign countries in the name of “democracy”. For example, Syria does not pose a current threat to the U.S. Your president even acknowledged as much in his speech when he announced his intentions recently. Although I find the actions of the terrorist cells there deplorable and disgusting, I do not find it acceptable that your government is seeking to “intervene” without the invitation of their sovereign government, especially seeing as some of those credible sources pose that the U.S. were the ones supplying them with the weapons in the first place… The reality is that the U.S. desperately need the rest of the world to keep trading their petrol in the Dollar. The countries they are invading (let’s call a spade a spade here) have been threatening for a while to start trading their fuel in other currencies and are some of the largest suppliers of oil in the world – because your government unilaterally reneged on their commitment to back the Dollar with gold. I am just glad I live very far away, although I am not sure anyone will remain unaffected when the U.S. and Russia eventually have their blow-out. The Cold War never ended… And it is heating up.


  3. Yes, I am aware of the oil-trade currency most likely being one of, if not, THE main reason why the U.S. government invaded Iraq in the first place, and has been itchy to attack Iran as well, as well as re-engage in these never ending hostilities. This article provided by project censored – http://www.projectcensored.org/9-irans-new-oil-trade-system-challenges-us-currency/ explains it in detail. And yes, the main domestic industry that seems to be booming in this country is our military. And why wouldn’t it? As unemployment continues to grow, fear grows and hostility becomes a norm in the popular psyche. See http://www.nationofchange.org/it-s-fake-fake-fake-fake-world-1410107002 which explains how the media/government misrepresents the status of the U.S. economy, putting a positive spin on shitty.

    This is EXACTLY why I am making this humble effort via Fearless Journal to share knowledge that can be used to loosen the stranglehold that fear has upon our lives. Both the mainstream media and the U.S. government are capitalizing on working Americans into an irrational panic – so they can carry on with the status quo of serving the 1%.

    At this time, the U.S. government, is officially the demon child of the wealthy elite and the corporations, It is NOT a government of the people, the 99 per cent. The majority of Americans, including Republicans were outraged by 2 decisions made by the Supreme court, all of whom have appointed life-time positions, which has put every political campaign of ANY kind, whether it is for gun-control, labeling for GMO foods, or the election of a representative up for sale to the highest bidder. You can review these articles on Supreme Court Rulings on campaign contributions –
    A couple of weeks ago, there was a vote in the Senate to create a constitutional amendment to undo the wrongs of the Supreme Court – it lost, with ALL Republicans voting against it, brazenly turning against the wishes of the MAJORITY of their constituency. Which is what they do best. They are the whores of the 1 per cent, or actually 1 per centers, themselves.

    My friend, do not be under the delusion that ANY government actually serves the people, including yours, wherever you live. Governments are a necessary evil for modern civilization, and their morality is a reflection of who is pulling the strings. The American people, as a whole, are NOT pulling the strings. We vote, we sign petitions, we protest, we sue, we boycott, sometimes we riot, we educate ourselves and so on and so forth. The “majority” live in cities which are for the most part antagonistic to much of the evil in which the U.S. government is involved. The problem is that the less populated states, whose constituencies are more interested in promoting a particularly hateful and fear-based semblance of Christianity, and keeping their hunting rifles, than they are about ANY OTHER political issue – so unscrupulous politicians say the right things to them and then create havoc in Congress and the Senate.

    I wish, I were far away. But there really is nowhere to go … you can be sure that US. Government has certain nefarious agreements with the majority of governments on the planet, and the corporations which are based in those countries. As long as we conflate the PEOPLE with their Government which more likely than not misrepresents them at best or abuses them at worst, we will NEVER escape the mindset that believes that military aggression is a viable solution for conflicting interests.

    Thanks for your insightful comments, and perhaps you would like to guest post on a topic, as you definitely are very well informed and have a lot to say. Feel free to contact me if this is of interest to you.


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  5. I tried to e-mail you, but I can’t seem to find the functionality on WordPress without allowing third parties access to my account, which I am not particularly keen on doing.

    The truth is that you might not particularly like what I have to say…

    My experience with Americans (and keep in mind, this has been virtual only, as yours is the one country in the world I have absolutely NO desire to ever see) is that they think along party lines and that they are absolutely incapable of any compromise or reason. I would very much like this impression to change, but I can assure you, I am not the only one who has had this experience. When attempting to engage in debate, I have been called a troll (again with the you-are-either-for-us-or-against-us mentality) or a down-right liar (apparently I know too much about your politics not to be a U.S. citizen – apparently it is unheard of to take an interest in the world around you).

    I say this only to make the basis for my point clear:

    Whether it is pro-war / anti-war, anti-abortion / pro-abortion or pro-gun / anti-gun, there seems to be no middle ground… Ever. And thinking one way about one topic seems to invariably mean buying in on a particular stance on all of the other hot-button political issues of your country. I mean “red states” and “blue states”???

    Yes, I am concerned about the state of my own government. I am not in the least blind to the faults and the dangers.

    To understand the current state of world politics, and therefore also of American politics, I tend to wish to examine some much older history… Why did the French Revolution never spill over into England? After all, England had just as many peasants who were starving and motivated to want to topple the rich 1%, didn’t they? Is it at all possible, perhaps likely, that the non-aristocratic trading class, who had the most incentive to incite the peasant class, were offered a trade-off? To be the new aristocrats (the Central Bank) of the colonial territories?

    Your rich 1% (and the rich 1% of the world in general) are to me the logical extension to a feudal system. When the rich saw the result of trying to control with brute force, they found other, much more insidious ways of controlling the masses. I posit that television, inflation and your own two-party system are all agents of the 1%, specifically designed and carefully introduced, to distract the masses.

    Don’t you find it interesting that the liberal faction of your country are so keen to be voluntarily disarmed?

    Don’t get me wrong, I do understand the impulse that is the result of school shootings and other traumatic events for your nation. But the conclusion does not make sense to me. Until relatively recently, my own country was involved in border wars which included elements of domestic terrorism (this impression is actually validated by Amnesty International). There was compulsory military service (thank goodness that I am not old enough to have had to send a son off to war), and my own father and uncles were all drafted. Whereas now our civilian population are relatively disarmed, it was a common thing for our boys to handle guns from a very young age – partially because of the large agricultural sector. I myself, was taught to shoot and drive by the age of nine (and I am a woman, just for the record).

    What I am saying is this: Don’t be too quick to discount the NRA. They may just be your saving grace against the 1%. As far as I understand it… None of the shooters had affiliations with the NRA? I may be incorrect in this conclusion? It seems to me that the NRA teach their children that guns are not toys.

    Trust me, disarming the general populace does not prevent the criminals from access to weapons – and when the criminals are the police… People tend to act in their own self-interest. Yes, there may be the more enlightened amongst the enforcement agencies, but in general, their services and opinions can very much be bought by the 1%.

    It appears to be that America is very much a “stand up and be heard” nation, as opposed to a “consider and do” nation. Perhaps brute force is not the answer. The Republicans and the Democrats are spending way too much time alienating each other, which is exactly what your 1% wants. Insulting someone’s sentiments when they do not agree with you, is unlikely to make them listen to your point of view…

    (At this point my husband interjects: “Divide and Conquer!”)

    People who are well-versed in the rationale behind their opinions are not scared to listen and consider the views of others. It is my impression that those fear-mongering Christians you are referring to, may not all be as apathetic to broader political issues as you think. Of course, I cannot say this for certain. But my best guess is, ‘As long as you leave us alone to govern ourselves as we see fit, you can have the rest’. After all, why would you go out of your way to protect someone who continuously insults you? Sometimes it is prudent to keep your real motivations and concerns to yourself. Arguing with someone who is completely unwilling to consider your position, is not only futile, it goes against self-preservation. Words are powerful and they should be well-measured.

    If you are still reading by this point, feel free to check out my blog. It is new, so the number of posts are limited, but perhaps this will present an alternate course of action.

    My apologies if any of the above appears arrogant, for this is certainly not my intent and you have been very considerate and welcoming thus far and I have no wish to offend you.

    All my best wishes,


  6. Well hello “sister in search of truth” : ) I am not offended by your impassioned expression of your views even if I may potentially disagree with some of them. You brought up many complex issues, and I truly would like to discuss them more completely in a blog post, or possibly several blog posts. Similar to what I did in https://riproarinrants.wordpress.com/2014/09/27/fearless-journal-too-much-mis-information-or-why-the-world-thinks-the-americans-are-a-holes/ When I first read your comment I was about to go to bed, and when I woke up I had to set up a special account so that can contact me – riproarinrants@yandex.com and get on with other life matters. Hope to hear from you.


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