Fearless Journal – Tools for Personal Peace – EFT and the Sedona Method

One of my many intentions in writing the Fearless Journal is sharing tools for managing or releasing fears, and general icky-stuff, that have worked for me in the past and in the present.

As I said, I have felt very safe, calm, tranquil of late … generally.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t ever feel pain or sadness, or the murky emotions, but rather they flow through me like a river.  They do not take over my life as they once-upon-a-time did.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique also referred to as the Tapping Solution

This is a stress relief technique that combines physically tapping acupressure/meridian points with statements on the particular issue you are dealing with – could be anything from physical pain to emotional pain, to fears, etc.  Anything you want to change.  For a while I resisted this particular technique, because it seemed too simple and I just didn’t buy it.  But about 6 months ago I started giving it another chance, and it has worked for me on a number of issues.

EFT  with Nick Ortner- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfZBHWSbrsg&list=PLY2m8pQCEK0LpD-O5RMR0_2tsc7WMdj1W&index=33

Tapping Solution Website that Covers things more in Depth  – http://www.thetappingsolution.com/eft-articles/

The Sedona Method – is a very simple system of releasing beliefs and emotions that are controlling our lives.  Basically one goes through a series of questions, where you are cognitively questioning your habitual way of thinking/feeling in a very gentle way.  The result of this questioning is a sense of calm and absence of the grip of the emotions/beliefs that once held you in their grasp.  Below is their website and a YouTube video without visuals that goes through a particular exercise that allows one to release negative emotions/beliefs associated to a relationship with a particular person.  This can work with any relationship of any sort, romantic, familial, business, etc.

Sedona Method – Main Website  – http://www.sedona.com/What-Is-The-Sedona-Method.asp

Sedona Method Relationship Release –  http://youtu.be/gQuPPEATGkM

Just wanted to share these … they are deceptively simple techniques, but quite powerful when used on a regular basis.   Much better than spending years in a therapist’s office or taking meds forever.  They are free and you can do them on your own without the need for a professional of any kind.  So even if you are skeptical, as I was with EFT especially, it doesn’t hurt to try with an open mind and heart.

At some point, I may elaborate upon how these worked for me in particular circumstances, but at this point – I am just offering them up, without the personal details.

Day 4


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