Fearless Journal – Short Reflections upon the Personal and the Political

In the last few days since I started this experiment, I have been reflecting upon the following

  • I am generally feeling safe and fearless at this point in my life, so it is a bit ironic that I started this journal.
  • I initially started this blog with a number of political pieces – and then moved into very personal material – What is going on here?  This critical voice in my head, adopted from criticisms I have encountered in the past is saying, “This touchie/feelie share your emotions and fears has NOTHING to do with politics.  Why are you wasting people’s time?”  (This is what I imagine folks that prefer political diatribes over self-reflection might think or say) – But one of my core beliefs is that you can’t have deep national political consciousness if the majority of the citizenry are personally unconscious of themselves and how they live their lives. For instance, prior to the American civil war, the Quakers were leaders in the anti-slavery movement.  The Quakers have a very personal religion, which guides their everyday life decisions and inspires their political action.

    Quakerism 101

    Quakerism arises out of a radical interpretation of Christianity that understands Christ as being a living reality in personal experience, not only in the Bible and Church tradition. The basic discovery of the Friends movement is – in the words of George Fox, the movement’s founder – that “Christ is come to teach his people himself.”

    While Friends today understand this in a variety of different ways, the foundational belief that underlies all of Quaker faith and practice is that God is knowable by every human being, and that the Spirit of God will lead us into all truth if we are faithful in hearing and obeying God’s voice in our hearts. Friends believe that all people have the capacity to know the truth in their hearts and to discern the will of God. Furthermore, Friends believe that not only are we able to know God’s will, but that through God’s grace we are empowered to do it.  http://www.quakermaps.com/info

  • Fear, I believe is at the basis of every evil you can come across.
  • Fear is one of our most basic human animal characteristics.  And it is the dark side of unification of people.  People can bond through love or fear.  And politicians are forever manipulating their constituents by throwing up fearful scenarios of this tragedy or danger if you don’t support their causes.
  • If we as individuals, have the capacity to understand, and then manage and ultimately release our fears – we have liberated ourselves from political ideological controls – our power lies in our clear consciousness that can participate in the political system without worry that we will be corrupted by or that we will corrupt the political process.
  • I would like to research how leaders create a fearful environment in order to control people, and compare how they use the same tactics of fear as a bully/abuser would use upon a victim.
  • One of the most powerful things you can do to reduce the POWER of one’s fears, is to face them.  Something in the shadows is far more threatening that the same thing standing in the light.  Truth and transparency level the playing field, because even if the Truth is a great challenge, seeing it allows one to come to terms with its actual effect upon one’s life, and one is able to adapt one’s life to deal with it.  Here is an example – If one of a couple is involved in an affair, and the one that is being “cheated on” has a suspicions but no confirmations of the affair – this is a very tenuous place to be in for both of them.  They are both supporting an illusion by not having full knowledge of the truth.  When the truth is revealed, there is an opportunity for change in the relationship, that could perhaps change things ultimately for the better.  But in the shadows, fears take over and create a hostile environment within the relationship feeding insecurity, deception, and estrangement.
  • How a great a part fear plays in the part of relationships of any kind determines the actual health of the relationship.  I would argue that much of what draws or binds people  together is often motivated more by a generalized fear, than by a unique love for  a particular person.
  • Fear in relationship to “loss of identity” and to the experience of “insignificance” – I want to investigate this more thoroughly, because I believe these two fears are enough to fuel evils of every size and category.

Each one of these could be a blog in and of itself … but for now, they are just ideas.  Ideas that have spun my mind in many directions.  What is it that I find the most compelling?

This was Day 3




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