National Crisis of Identity – Who wins the Oldschool or the New?

Here I am gathering in the Northwestern Sun , like a squirrel collects goodies for the winter, and spacing out  into a view of trees and softly flowing water … feeling the heat rise from the asphalt of my roof, and listening to a collection of songs that make my head bounce to the beat.  Life is good for me, at this moment.  And while I hold that thought in my mind, I also hold the thought – Yesterday was a day of mourning, not solely for the loss of blissful ignorance we enjoyed prior to 9-11, and all the lives and losses borne from our forever wars, but of the loss of the illusion that our country has not become the latest product on Walmart’s shelf.

Yesterday, the Republicans fearlessly showed their corporate logoism and voted unanimously against an amendment that would overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision, which officially opened the U.S. political system up for sale to the highest bidder.  The day before, I had hope thinking perhaps this country can avoid its own-self-destruction, but now I sense unless a HUGE shift of consciousness occurs within the socio-political framework, we are heading for an even greater intensification of exactly what we don’t want.

But there are still the sunny days, aren’t there?  Yes, there will always be nature, which is both reassuring and sobering.  Nature isn’t always nice.  And nature is especially unkind when it encounters imbalance.  And here in the U.S. of A.  we are the champions of imbalance.  We are the nation of BIGGER is Better.  I remember dining in a chain restaurant with an Italian friend, when the food appeared and his eyes grew large in his head.  He turned to me in confusion and asked me – Why is the food so BIG in America?

I shrugged, I couldn’t give him an answer to this, except that we seem to be the hungriest nation ever, having no consciousness of when to stop our consumption.  Our people are the fattest people on the globe, and nothing short of a heart attack will stop most of them from self-destructive dining.  And what besides the lack of easy money, will stop our nation from continuing to consume and destroy resources in an unsustainable way?  Well, if we let corporations continue to pull the political puppetstrings – nothing short of more economic disruption, and revolution …

One friend and I agree on the point, that it hasn’t gotten bad enough for widespread revolution to occur.  But believe me, we aren’t the only ones who see the warning signs.  The government sees it as well, and has been preparing for years now.  First the Homeland Security Act and Agency was ratified, the numerous examples of illegal governmental wire-tapping of American citizens over the years, and the elaborate militarization of police departments.  They are preparing for something and it isn’t celebratory.

I believe that “how soon” things will come down will be determined in this election.  If we lose the Senate to Republican politicians that are blatantly – FOR SALE, then things will start getting extremely uncomfortable for lots of folks.  Why?  Because the Republicans are fighting for an old-dying consciousness, that is like an old fart – that pisses on himself, moans all night, swears in your face, flashes your little sister, and is hideously ill to boot – but won’t die without giving the fight of a century.   So, we, who have better ideas  of how to operate in the world  rather than supporting misogyny; white supremacy; laissez faire – me first/society last capitalism; consumption is the highest good; man is the master of nature; heterosexuality is preferred by God; Christianity is the ONLY religion approved by God, and so forth …  We who don’t agree, we are their opposition, and anything we want, they will make sure we can’t have via political process, if they gain hold of the Senate.

And this is where we are today – our country is having a severe national identity crisis, and if you are paying attention to global politics, the same sort of identity crisis is going on all over the world.  Revolutions have already been occurring, but often they are being co-opted by the extremists, the fear-mongers who whip up discontent … like I am doing right now : /  Actually, I am not interested in conjuring up fear – but rather soberly stating patterns I see .  And  I am not frightened,even though, what I sense ahead isn’t pleasant.  Partly because I never was really hooked into those old-school mythologies, and I don’t really have a lot to lose.  I live a nomadic life.  I am single.  I know how to change my life, and change my life, and change my life again.  And I have more debt than riches … I am not desperate to preserve my way of life, and would welcome some radical changes in the way America operates.

But radical change comes at a cost. If we want to reduce the cost, we who do not believe in the old paradigms NEED to vote in the next election, and throw all those who hold onto decaying belief-systems OUT.  We will ultimately be on the winning side, whatever the outcome. But if we want to avoid things becoming much worse before they become better, we need to show up and make our voices heard.  And it isn’t just about voting.  It is about knowing who your friends are, and uniting with others to do productive work to change this country/world for the better.  We cannot afford to be isolated from our friends, family or community anymore and the good we can produce by working together with people of like minds.    We need to show a united front, against the old paradigms which presently have a stranglehold over our political system.


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