The Drumbeats are Getting Louder and I am getting a Migraine

The drumbeats of WAR are pounding again in the U.S. of A – It seems that Obama, our great diplomat, doesn’t have big enough cajones to withstand the rightwingnutter pressure to jump into the shitstorm cooked up by ISIS.

It’s frustrating to be an American – the kind that doesn’t love an Angry God, Guns Galore, and Guts and Gory. I want to know where do we – the under-represented, peace-loving Americans stand in all this?  Democracy or Republic – we who do not swoon to the tunes of war, must accept a certain responsibility for this Pitbull of a nation. Our-growling, panting, blood-thirsty hound of a military-industrial complex is in desperate need of obedience school. It is forever biting the hand, OURS, that feeds it.  But our global neighbors, like ISIS, get political kickbacks from taunting it.

ISIS knows, that the U.S. is always hungry for a fight, and it is counting on gathering as much “underdog” sympathy from its fellow pseudo-muslims at arms.  I say “pseudo” because, somewhere along the way these men, who call themselves muslim, forgot the basic premise of their religion – Islam means “peace.”  They are no more interested in spreading the word of God than the purported Jesus-lovers, who are loaded like Rambo and who would always shoot first before they ever turned any cheek.

Our government – of by the people, for the people – has been hijacked by the fossil-fueled corpo-RAT-o-crats.  What are we REALLY fighting for?  Does anybody really bother asking this question?  Are we fighting for the honor of James Foley and Steven Sotloff, two journalists?  Really? The same wingnutters who bang the war drums, who have been contemptuously spitting out the words – LIberal media  for decades since Watergate, are with ALL sincerity urging the country to fight on the behalf of journalists?  Wouldn’t it be more plausible that the rightwing was funding ISIS in its strategy of kidnapping and assassinating particularly problematic individuals in the “liberal media?”

Think of all the political and economic benefits that the  WarHawks are reaping from the terrorist activities of ISIS –

  • Increased instability in the middle-east results in the increased value of all stocks related to fossil fuels, weaponry, military equipment –  and What worth is a congressman without a healthy stock portfolio invested in the “American WAY” , a.k.a. a red-blooded war profiteer?
  • Less of those pesky “liberal media” folks.
  • “Liberal media” support of military action inspired by the sacrifice of their brother journalists.
  • Less money to spend on domestic expenses – the always problematic costs of education, healthcare, government regulation, infrastructure, environmental preservation/protection of this country and other services that Republicans have no use for in the public domain.
  • And more, more, more and forever more money to throw at war.
  • Forcing the ever-despised Obama to choke down his pacifistic words about withdrawing from Iraq and de-escalating U.S. military involvement in the region.

You may accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist – but it couldn’t be MORE perfect for the Warhawks, who are toasting each other as they drink wine as red as the blood of American soldiers, and innocent civilians slotted to serve their power lust.

But what about the rest of us?  What will we gain?

More American deaths?  More civilian deaths?

Our national debt is climbing forever upward hand-in-hand with our Karmic debt.

Miraculously, the Republicans forget about the national debt when there is a war to promote … when it comes to military action, the U.S. always has DEEEEP pockets.

And as the tax monies pour out to fuel the war machine – there is less and less left for the maintenance, let alone rebuilding of our country.

As our quality of life diminishes, due to lack of attention upon domestic issues, our fearfulness and hopelessness increases as we look out into our futures. What happened to the American dream?  It is flowing down the river Tigris, along with bodies and debris.

For the life, of me, which Americans will gain from any of this, besides a minority of shareholders in the military-industrial-complex?  And is that gain, a product of horror and mayhem, truly worth it?  What if every dollar they received, was literally soaked in blood … would they still accept it?  Or would they send out their housekeeper to collect the bloody bags and send them out to be laundered?

Where do we?  The peace-loving Americans stand?

And where did James and Steven stand?  Are we truly doing justice to their memory, by caving in to the brutally manipulative tactics of ISIS intent on dragging us into war, forever being cast as the villainous nation of INFIDELS?

What good results can we honestly expect when we are fighting fire with gasoline?

If you are as concerned as I am and seriously question the U.S.’s march toward war – visit this page and take part in this crucial political conversation via .


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